Dayz, yay or nay?

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I'm simply unsure if I should get the Dayz stand alone. My friends tell me it's extremely buggy and not to get it. But I've seen gameplay (Robbaz) and think it looks fine. So should I get it or not? Take note that I already have Arma 2 and can just get the mod.

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I would say wait a bit more, still whack controls. I would recommend Rust for the time being though!

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@suntzusamuel: I'm having a great old time with it, 96 hours so far. It's better than the mod in my opinion, still a lot of work to do and there are bugs but I've had my moneys worth already and it's not out for at least a year.

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got a squad to go hunting with? if no don't bother. curious as to how you have got to 96 hours i'm at 48 i lone wolf it it takes about 30 mins to get fully kitted out once you know the map then there is nothing left to do only content added since launch doesn't change gameplay at all and it is still far more broken than the mod in terms of dsync

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@n00bkid said:

I would say wait a bit more, still whack controls.


I'd wait for a price drop.

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I will not give them my money til I hear they have a finished game and people like it. Simple as that.