Darksiders II-style soundtracks in JRPGs

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Hey guys, recently I got the chance to play Drakengard 3, which was good in terms of gameplay and incredible story-wise. While playing the game, the thing that struck me the most (aside from the characterization) was the game's soundtrack. I thought it was decent and nicely complemented the gameplay, but I was wondering what game developers could do to make their games sound even more epic and memorable. JRPGs always had good scores, and yet I was yearning for something more arousing and poignant after finishing Drakengard 3. When I was done with that game, I was instantly reminded of another game: Darksiders II. That game happens to be my GOTY 2012 and it featured an absolutely masterful score. That game's soundtrack perfectly embodied the feeling of adventure and made every moment feel epic! What I'm trying to say is that JRPGs should try to feature soundtracks in the same vein as Darksiders II. Here's a link to a YouTube video that features the entire DSII soundtrack. Let me know what you think:


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Oh, and here are two more links: