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Darksiders is easily one of my favorite games'. Growing up as a kid in the 90's, I naturally played a lot of Zelda. However, as I got older, the formula began to grow a little bit stale for me, so I looked for something new that was similar to it. God of War was pretty close, but it still lacked the feeling and the magic of Zelda. When I heard about Darksiders and it came out, I was amazed.

Dare I say, Darksiders is better than Zelda. Don't get me wrong, Zelda is a classic series, and were it not for Zelda there would be no Darksiders. Additionally, in some ways, Darksiders is actually more shallow than Zelda, especially with the lack of side quests. However, I think when you compare Darksiders to some of the best Zelda games, on their own merits, Darksiders is superior.

Darksiders basically takes what made Zelda great, and overhauls it with a few fresh twists. In fact, the amount of nods, if not jabs at the Zelda series throughout the first game is too many to count. There's a similar sound that plays when you discover a secret, you have to work your way through dungeons filled with puzzles, boss battles are very similar, you have to find special equipment to help you through the game, you get a horse to ride, etc, etc. The list goes on, but really, Zelda and Darksiders are siblings.

What makes Darksiders better though, is the fact that all of these elements are built upon in meaningful ways. For example, in the Zelda series you often receive stronger and stronger swords, but in Darksiders, your sword not only gets progressively stronger, you get access to a ton of combo moves that make you more powerful. In addition, you can also modify your weapon with enhancements. This is just one way that Darksiders takes Zelda's formula and expands it.

Darksiders is just an amazing game. Whether its the incredible voice acting and well crafted story, the memorable and unique looking characters, the awesome combat system, the beautiful graphics or the horde of things to do and find, Darksiders has it all.

What do you guys think of Darksiders? Do you prefer it to DS2? Is it better than Zelda in your opinion?

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Darksiders 2 is better than DS1 imo. It is also better than any Zelda game ever made.

That being said Nordic Games are talking about HD remastering the Darksiders Collection for the One and PS4. I had asked them if they planned on doing it so if you need proof check their Darksiders forum.

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Darksiders 2 was a great concept, but i think it fell short. boring combat, even more boring puzzles (that on top of it were so repetitive it wasn't even funny), gameworld wasn't actually that open, but quite linear (you could move freely, but the paths were quite linear) and not enough RPG elements imo (even SotN was more RPG).

that said, i still liked it. it improved much from the first one, but it was still less than i expected.

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People who talk smack about the darksiders games just dont know greatness when they see it.

I love both darksiders and think they are better than any zelda game. Zelda is progressively going down the wrong path. Darksiders is (or was) going in the right direction. Only thing is I thought Darksiders 2 suffered from being to long. Normally I dont diss on a longer game, but the length felt more fabricated and padded. But still one of the best games last gen.

I feel Nordic Games are going to ruin the Darksiders games personally.

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I really wanted to like Darksiders, but I found some of the puzzles to be to hard, it made me feel like I was dumb, lol.

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It was pretty good, although I'd argue that it has more in common with Soul Reaver than Zelda, in fact Death looks like Raziel on steroids.

Definitely worth a long playthrough; cool mix of gameplay mechanics and it is immersive, nothing special though.

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@gregbmil said:

I really wanted to like Darksiders, but I found some of the puzzles to be to hard, it made me feel like I was dumb, lol.

lol, I found them way to easy lol. But I love games with puzzles. Play Alundra, that game is tough.

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I've never Played Zelda...anyway I played half of Darksiders 1 and loved it... Then Also played and finnished Darksiders 2 and loved it... It had some pretty epic Puzzles and interesting Boss Design.... But I'm not a fan of the RPG Elements in Either games, I don't need or like getting progressively stronger.... It makes me complacent.

After Finishing Darksiders 2 three times in a week... I traded it in for Arkham Asylum..... Another game that owes its existence to Zelda-esque Design only without out as much emphasis on RPG Elements ! The Puzzles weren't as Strong but I got my brain alil wet every now and then.

If Nordic games knows whats good for them then they'l go easy on the RPG Elements in DS3

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I wouldn't say that Darksiders is better than Zelda (although the combat is) but it's definitely one of my favorite series of the generation.

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@Lulu_Lulu: How exactly was progressively getting stronger a bad thing? If anything it kept combat consistently engaging since you could always earn new moves (if you wanted... I opted to stick with abilities I liked and upgrade those to better levels). The enemies got tougher as you went on, too so I don't see the issue.

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@ turtlethetaffer

I don't mind new noves. Hell I freaking love them, what I don't like is getting stronger as in my attack power increasing yet the gameplay not changing.

You remember that dude in the Fjord Lands in Darksiders 2.... He was practicing against a wooden pillar... Beat him and he'l teach you a new move.... So I start the encounter and bam ! Two hits and I'm dead.. I hit him so many times and barely even made a scratch, so I'm like "Fine ! He wants to play Power games ? I'l show him" I grinded.... Hard ! Came back and kicked his ass in 5 quick hits.... I didn't even have to dodge any more The way my armour was so strong.

And thats why I don't like RPGs ! Freaking waste of time !

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Lol, I swear, these days you can't make anybody happy. If you give people a 5 hour campaign, they complain it's too short. If you give them a 20 hour campaign, they complain it's too long.

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@ MWright469

I complain about padding ;) and RPGs !

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@Lulu_Lulu: So, you took eht time to grind, yet you called it a waste of time? Really?? You could have beaten him if you were good enough. Granted, leveling up does help, but the way the game is, you could have beaten him without leveling up.

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@ turtlethetaffer

I was good enough.... Death was just weak.... The fight itself wouldve felt like a grind.... It was a battle of atrrition and that doesn't take skill, just repitition, slowly chipping away at his health and dodging his massive axe/hammer, I mastered that along time ago, I just have no interest in doing it for 10 minutes straight couldn't even get his health down to half in Reaper Form, if you've played Final Fantasy XIII or any other RPG you wouldve had the experience of chipping away at a bosses HP for an hour, you mastered the skill and memorized the pattern in 5 minutes but thanks to RPG Elements you now have to repeat that for for the next 55 minutes. The level up system pretty much renders player skill pretty useless. And thats just rude. Thank God for Puzzle Bosses like that giant stone guy... He is completely unaffected by Death's level and gear.... I loved that fight.