Dark Souls 3 not live up to hype journalist gave it. My opinion on the game

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So recently replayed Dark Souls 3 for Platinum Trophy hunting purposes. My only other experience was in 2016 I bought the game and complete it only on NG. I have few problems regarding Dark Souls 3 that made the game very underwhelming for me. Yes Dark Souls 3 is a dissapointment, yep I said it.

  • Game is extremely linear.

Dang game so Linear it made DS2 much more interesting to explore, and DS2 is really bland. Sure you probably can go do dancer of boreal valley first but you still cannot proceed before the eclipse. even at the fork at road of sacrifice, in the end you still will be forced to itryll valley and later profaned capital.

  • Too many castles, cathedral.

Highwall lothric, undead settlement church, farron keep garrisons, itryll, anor londo, lothric castle, ringed city etc etc.

  • Locale doesnt feel interesting

As per above problem with too many castles, the locale itself is not that interesting. Lothric highwall was spectacular but then I get to the next locale and the next it all feels like there is nothing that really grabs me. All I saw was, ok great a new city, new castle, new cathedral... yeah it gets boring.

  • Boss is a bit easy?

Yeah this one is on me and not game fault. I have been playing Soulsborne for a while so the boses in this game is never hard but only due to my mastery of soulsborne mechanics. Base game enemies is a bit tad too easy but only due to my understanding of iframe and dodgeroll in souls and bloodborne. It seriously made the base game bosses a just a pushover at best. Did not die against dancer, oceiros, lords of cinder, the guy I forgot his name before anor londo.... but, I will still give prop to nameless king and dlc bosses, they were excellent. Loved the fights in the dlc and I dont think midir is harder than sister friede but I can see how people struggled with midir, needs perfect iframe for him. All I died at least 15 -30 times. Does got tip for easy midir kills though, stay around his neck when you get the chance, whack a few hits, make sure u save some for rolls and running away.

In conclusion I have a lot of problem with Dark Souls 3. I enjoyed it a lot but dont think it is the masterpiece journalist and blinded fanboys made it to be. I am glad this is the last souls game for now, churning out sequels since Demons souls in 2009 is not good for From Software. They were clearly drained creative wise. Overall the game is 7.5/10, still on the road for platinum and currently on ng+ looking for rings