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So i recently got dark souls, friends had been going on about how brilliant it is.

The game is the most annnoying and impossible thing i have ever come across >:(

I keep dying in the same place, there is no way to pause the game, i have to keep killing the same people over and over, i honestly have no idea on what i am ment to be doing or the story line, a boss kills me in 2 hits. Ive been stuck on the first 20 mins of the game for like 3 hours.

So am i doing something wrong ? Is the game ment to be like this ? I dont usually rage over games but this one really irritated me.

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two things, you cannot button mash your way through things in this game and if you keep dieing your approach is wrong. The monster might not be weak to the type of weapon you have. Try focusing on blocking and making sure when you attack you actually hit the mob. I swing and a miss means they will be hitting you.

That said, this is one of the most rewarding games I have ever played. Dont be a quiter, dig deep and get it done.

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Im trying too, deff the hardest game ive ever played.

Thanks for the tips though, they are very helpful

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People love this game because of the difficulty. The first hour or so is frustrating but after a while you get a kind of "Dark Souls bug" and it becomes one of the most enthralling games I've ever played.

That being said it's not for everyone and you do seem to be having a more difficult time than a lot of people. Maybe its not for you but really try and give it a good go because it's worth it.

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Google on how to get drake sword. It'll be a lot easier after you get that sword early in the game ;)

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If you are stuck in the tutorial boss then you really shouldn't play this game. If you are stuck in the Taurus demon then just climb up the tower and jump attack him, after 3 tries he will die.