Dark Souls 2 NPC's

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Ok about an hour ago I ran into a random mob of monsters and fought around for a while but suddenly I noticed an NPC on the side just kicked back leaning against a tree. I did die but while the screen was telling me that I died the monsters just stroll off leaving the NPC to just sit there minding his own. After this I started to think about it. Not one NPC says crap about the hell on earth that is happening in the world. They all just ramble on about their homeland, useless legends and riddles. Its almost like everybody is a ghost that only I can see. Anyway I just feel if the monsters don't even notice the NPC's it just kinda takes some of the immersion away. Thanks for listening I suppose my rambling makes me sound like an NPC lol

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@Dustyn-Barlow: That knight sitting at that tree was no NPC. Have you not wondered why you can lock on to him? I agree with what you say. They do acknowledge the state of the world and their own personal journeys, but they only fight when they are summoned.

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as has already been mentioned, that knight is an enemy as he doesn't have gear to sell, dialogue, or anything like that. you get a good sword if you beat him.

anyway, one thing i've noticed is that the NPC's are a lot more hopeful than they were in past games. even the crestfallen warrior has lightened up a bit after some really punishing fates in the previous games. it may be that they all start off fine and wind up meeting some grizzly end like in dark souls or it may just be that DS2 is looking to offer more of a counterpoint. majula has seemed like a more hopeful hub than any of the previous ones.

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I can't remember any NPC in DS1 that responded to the dangers of the world, In Demon's Souls though, there's that knight at the beginning that fights mobs and respond to them. In DS1 NPC's fought only when they were required to fight, but didn't respond to mobs. If you are talking about the white night in the Forest of The Giants, its a mob.