Dante's Inferno, PC Version 2007

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Hello, who's played Dante's Inferno?

I have a difficulty passing a certain level

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I haven't. Since there isn't a PC version.

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@Litchie said:

I haven't. Since there isn't a PC version.

Actually, this may surprise you but you can play Dante Inferno on PC! It was never meant to be on PC and while I cannot go into details, this article should help clear things up a bit: Dante Inferno PC version

Truth be told, I played Dante Inferno on PS3 years ago before I found out about the PC and sadly, I never try it on PC and don't plan to replay the game anytime soon. The game was fun for a God of War wannabe.

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@davillain-: Not very surprising. You can play basically all games via emulators. Still wouldn't call a game played via emulator on PC a "PC version" of the game, though.

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Didn't it come out in 2010?