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So I've just finished mgs2, amazing game in everyway, so I'm now starting mgs3 I prob should have played 3 first as it is set many years before mgs2 but it's too late now hope this will be another epic gaming experience, we'll see how it goes.

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Ok first impressions, OMG!! The jungle setting is amazing attention to detail in this game is world class I love the fact that you have to hunt for food to keep stamina up how realistic. What other game is there where you can shake down and interrogate every single guard on patrol? Amazing amount of depth to the gameplay much more than mgs2. Story so far is on the same level as mgs2 same epic cinematic cutscenes along with the codec moments. Instantly in love with big boss lol and seems we will learn about The Boss the one that taught big boss everything he knows. Loving this game already I don't think there is a stealth action shooter series that even comes close to MGS series, this is more like a stealth spy simulation. MGS is the Forza of stealth games.

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Aside from the first MGS, this is the only other one in the series I can stand to play for an extended period of time. I don't think it's that great by any means, but I enjoyed the experience somewhat.

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Glad you're enjoying the greatest game of all time.

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I think MGS3 is the best MGS game I've played. It has the best all around balance of in depth story without being too much and in depth gameplay. The story is just complex enough so that you can definitely recognize that it's a Metal Gear game but it's not the overly complex schlock of MGS2's ending. Plus the boss fights are all very solid.

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@turtlethetaffer: I wouldn't call mgs2's ending "schlock" but I'm loving that word lol

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Eva is one hot piece of ass lol

She sure knows how to handle a bike.

Cutscenes are an absolute joy in this game so far.