Collection of Mana should have had these...

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You know what would make Collection of Mana a great collection? If they'd included some of the other games.

Maybe instead of the black and white original they could have gone with the colorized version that was made for cellphones? This version looks like it was perfectly faithful to the original (unlike the GBA remake), just with better graphics.

Maybe it was a bad game, I dunno. But it would sure look a lot nicer on the tv than the original Gameboy game. Or why not include all of them?

There was that remake for the PS Vita, why not include that?

What about Legend of Mana on the PS1? Why not include that? It's already translated. Even PS2 games are being ported to the Switch now with Devil May Cry, so they could have even included Dawn of Mana too.

I just feel like the Collection of Mana is a real missed opportunity to do a proper anniversary celebration. Here's a few more shots of what the cellphone version looked like. Looks nice!