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I freaking love this cartoon. Yesterday I was watching and I had a real Vision for how the game should be brought to consoles!!

Ok first off you have to define the different levels of chaotic. There is the real world where you and I are in(most of us),The next layer is kind of like Digimon in that certain kids with special chaotic codes get to be sucked into this virtual world. The main place you hang out in this virtual world is the lobby and the arena's. The third and last layer of the chaotic universe is the chaotic "planet". You can warp to the desert or the jungle or any of the other environments that make up the chaotic world for the creatures in the game.

Now if you have never seen the show newbies who finally enter the second layer start with a few cards but if they want more they have to warp to the third layer and walk around Chaotic and can scan stuff to add to their "Deck". They can scan creatures, locations, magic, battle gear. The twist is that they have to do this as a human.

The main focus of the cartoon is about two players on the second layer going to an arena to battle each other. They lay out a bunch of creatures and they take turns attacking one another by saying what creature attacks what creature. After the attacker chooses the two creatures the players get transformed into those creatures and they goto one of the defenders random locations to battle as the creatures. After you beat enough people in one of the domes you get to challenge a code master or a player with some killer creatures and weapons,magic, locations. I guess the overall goal is to beat each of the code masters.

The important thing to note is that the arena's in the second layer is the only place players are allowed to transform into those creatures and fight as them. They can't do that when they are out trying to get scans which makes it very dangerous.

Ok so back to the video game. I think its totally doable to have all three layers of chaotic in the game. First you get to make a character at home and meet new people. Then you finally get to goto chaotic's second level where you can meet yet more new people and hang out in the lobby/arenas and battle with people. Lastly you can also port to chaotic and go exploring for new scans of stuff which would be full of dangers and traps that you would have to navigate.

Im not to sure how to do the third layer. It definately needs to be free roam/platformer. Finding new scans of cards is one of the biggest part of the cartoon so this section of the game should be pretty fleshed out and be alot of fun.

As far as walking around and meeting people thats pretty easy to do in a game. Chaotic creatures are divided up into regions. It would be cool to have a bar for each region and depending on who you use in battles or how you talk to people your bar goes up and down and you would only be able to talk to certain people once your faction bar is high enough. The faction bars would also control how people talk to you. If you have none of their faction and alot of their enemy they would be hostile towards you, while if it was vice versa they would treat you like a good friend right from the get go.

The part of the video game I really want to make shine though are the dome battles where the players transform into the creatures and battle. For this part of the game I was thinking a very 3d "fighting" game. There wouldnt be combo's and special moves like most fighters. You would just be able to run around and jump on stuff, block, evade, shoot some beams, and activate magic spells. The battles would look and feel just like the cartoons with people moving around dodging each other's attacks until somebody wins. There are two games that kind of have the style of fighting im talking aout although they didnt have thing to jump on or hide behind.. The 1v1 mech battles in Xenogears...and.....this fighting game on the ps1 who's name I cant remember, I don't think it was Ergheizer but maybe it was...The game may have started with a D and been one word.....

Anyways I totally think a video game could recreate every aspect of the cartoon. The only trouble spot would be when the players goto that third layer to get scans, there are tons of cards and creatures so there has to be a way to force players into having to make multiple trips there without being able to grab all the scans at once and stuff and yet be fun so that they WANT to make multiple trips. Maybe divide that third layer up by faction. And then each faction is split up into smaller maps. You only unlock new map sections by making friends!!! That sounds awesome!!. You only make new friends by fighting with a certain faction's creatures and then raising your faction bar so that new people talk to you!! Omg that sounds freaking amazing.

Fight in the dome as an overworlder -> gain overworld faction points -> more overworld faction humans want to be your friend -> gain new overworld faction maps -> get to goto new map sections to grab new scans -> get better/cooler stuff to use in battles -> start winning dome battles -> start defeating code masters -> you win!!

Wow that game would freaking rule.

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hey me too i will love this to happen wow it would be so great i watch chaotic too ijust image how cool would it be for humans to transform to creates battle other people int he world in real life and scan creature you have to port back o the lobby if any creature see or they will kill you it would be so awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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i love your idea for the game! i've always hoped they do something like this, for the third layer it could be like oblivian wilderness sorta there are creatsers out there that will attack forcing you to either scan or port back but if your bar is high enough with that chareacter of that charecters tribe (cause some just dont seem to care if you ask me) they will warn you or another creature could actualy help you letting you scan and port no problemo. oh and are they actuly gonna make a game like this?
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just thought of this and for fighting in the dromes its kinda like oblivian and rainbow six vegas two, you have the openess of oblivian and you can pick which attacks to have like your basic which would be the melee, your specials and alll that but it has to stay within that creaters abilitys and tribe unless it can do otherwise