Calm Night of Snowfall - Survival Horror Roguelike

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First of all, excuse for taking a bit of your time. But we think this indie project may be very interesting to many of the users here, and we would be very grateful if you take a look to this project and tell us your opinion about it!. Calm Night of Snowfall is a first person Survival Horror with strong Roguelike influences about your survival in a huge, deserted city that hates you. Every time you play, the city is randomly generated, making each game very different and unique. Snow and cold are the center of Calm Night of Snowfall. Surviving the cold is your main concern: while you explore, you must be cautious with the extremely low temperatures in the streets and look for shelter in the abandoned buildings. In there, you may find supplies and heat sources, but if you stay for too long in the dark, the City will react against you with horrible nightmares. We plan on releasing the game in PC, Wii U and Oculus Rift. We hope you like this game and give us a hand in making it a reality. It is already in develpoment stage but we need your support! Crowdfunding link: Thank you very much!
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That sounds like a pretty neat concept.