Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PS4 or XB1?

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Trying to decide which to pre order. It's pretty much PS4 for better graphics, or XB1 for earlier dlc release.

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Which system are you guys getting it for and why?

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If I do ever get it, it'd be on PS4... since that's all I have.

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I don't think I will buy it , but if I do , on Xbox one

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Well right now I only have an Xbox One so that's what I'll get it for. I may have a PS4 by then but I'd still probably get the Xbox One version for the likelyhood that there'd be more players, earlier dlc, and I prefer the controller.

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lol call of duty

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@Archangel3371: Not dissing xbox one at all I have one, but more PS4's sold than xbox and so there would be more ppl playing online on the PS4 on CoD. I also prefer the controller over the ps4 controller minus the really touchy thumbsticks. Overall I think the graphics are better on the PS4 for CoD.

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Nintendo Wii U and PC !

Hey... You never know... Just might surprize you.

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Neither. Unless it's given to me as a gift, then the PS4 because that's the only system I own of the two mentioned.

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@stationplay_4 said:

lol call of duty

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Probably ps4. But I don't plan on buying it at this point. I got Ghosts as a Christmas gift and I beat the campaign and never touched it again.