Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 11 year old

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#1 Posted by Starmonkey98 (60 posts) -

Should I let my 11 year old son play Call of Duty 4.... He really likes Fps games and so do I. I have also heard it is really good. So should I?

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#2 Posted by Bobzfamily (1514 posts) -

Of course it's good, it's fantastic.

It's up to you wether you want to let him play it or not. If you do, I'm sure you'll both enjoy it. If you dont have a problem with him playing M games then go for it. The game has some blood, swearing during the campaign, and some mature subject matter during the campaign (the first person semi-interactive cutscene when youre the President of a Middle-Eatsern country is kinda freaky).

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It has PG-13 language, and the gore at most is blood. There is no dismemberment. It is a fun game.

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Yeah, it's a pretty mild shooter as explained by previous posters. If you let him online, might want to keep him off the mic, not because of his voice or whatever, but people get pretty pissed off towards children in that game.

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Yeah watch out for multiplayer. Since it is multiplayer, there will always be people typing bad things like XXX stuff, once every 20 matches

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I let my 4 and 7 year old granddaughters play burnout paradise (PS3), not online, they actually did quite well (esp. the 7 yr old).
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It's a very mild shooter. No worse than alot of12A (PG-13 in the U.SI think)films which I'm sure you let him watch. It's up to you. Although it is very absorbing so only moderation otherwise you might find yourself totally distracted from school work etc.

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#9 Posted by Naruto (8673 posts) -
I think it would be okay, but I'd keep away from online.
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I think there are different levels of M. This is not on the level of, say, God of War or something like that. Yeah, people get shot and there is blood, but there is no decapitation or other dismembement. I would let my child play it. But this is also coming from someone who has played games like Mortal Kombat since third grade.:|

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My 10 year old daughter kicks butt at Left 4 Dead so I think your 11 year old son can handle COD4.
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#12 Posted by msuspartan11 (572 posts) -
I'd say it's your call. There are no pr0n scenes either. lol
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#13 Posted by soldine (1980 posts) -

Its really not very bad, the F bomb is dropped once or twice but thats about it. Veer away from COD 5 though some scenes are a little more gory, especially at the end when a certain russian guy goes a little bit overboard with his knife

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You are the parent, you know your child best.

Asking a bunch of gamers if you should let your son game might be a little bit of a baised opinion.

I personally would not allow my 11 year old to do so. Maybe in a year or two, but 11 is too young to be playing FPS's, unless they are very cartoon-ish. My biggest concern is with online play. DO NOT allow your son to play online, even without a mic. Some of the things said on there are absolutely atrocious. I would try for a more age appropriate game.

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#15 Posted by EmptySki (3743 posts) -
He will enjoy the game. It is awesome.
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#16 Posted by killer978452 (184 posts) -

It should be fine.

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#17 Posted by Vexx88 (33342 posts) -
Online. Uhh...make sure he doesnt hear some of the guys on there. Other than the cussing MW isnt as violent as other shooters.