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This is online Browser game where you can be anything you want, almost like in real world, but mmorpg browser, php-html game

I am not owner of this game and I dont promote it, I just want to find more players who plays this game and try to cooperate

But if you are interested in this game I will be happy to invite you to e-Sim, you can use this link to register and play:

This will give you 2 extra gold in game (gold is very rare and this is very good gift)

5gold is worth 10eur


In this game you can be a politican, solider, business man and just a troll :P

Currently, this is a World War II server, and there are world war II countries, you should join your country and help it win

If you need any help you can contact me and I will help you :)

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@pai39: Sure, Im playing for 2 years, and this is new server, few days old only... so its even more fun :D

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It looks like an interesting game.. I will check it out. Thank you :)

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i just found this funny browser:

it is a gestional browser like market glory, but allows you to convert all virtual earnings into real money. you can work twice a day, create a company, be a politician, take part in wars or buy games. the graphics are simple and intuitive. The withdrawal currency is in Euro, your refer-ups can be sold in the market and the actions of the game guarantee you a dividend every 15 days. There is also a "casino" section where you can play your earnings with luck. It is also possible to buy the rights on the referall or buy the right to have all members registered as referall without referall link of the next month, to do this you have to go to "community-referall right" and participate in an auction. hope you'll find interesting :D

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Well, browser games are still doing well in 2019, and so is the genre of battle royale. Check out this cool battle royale game that you can play for free on your browser!

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And I found this


Ogame/starcraft based game