Black Desert AKA "Graphics: The Video Game"

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I’m enjoying Black Desert so far, even though the combat seems even easier than Dynasty Warriors 9. Maybe that’ll get harder as the game goes on? Or maybe it won’t. Things can only be so hard in a game designed around hooking players into cosmetic microtransactions.

The visuals are indeed astounding, although they’re a little rough on the Xbox One S. The resolution is fine, and the performance is nearly there. Rather, it’s some of the effects work that suffers. The hair shader effects, in particular, seem like they’re operating at a lower update/framerate than the rest of the game. So characters have this swirling mass of trails and ghosting around their hair whenever it moves. I’m not sure if this is some kind of temporal AA or motion blur struggling with the rendering resolution, but it seems like a bug rather than a deliberate choice

Outside of that, Black Desert is a game, at least in its first few hours, about running to beautiful places full of enemies and then fighting the enemies. I selected Lahn as my character class, and she’s basically a whirling acrobatic swoosh of blades and chaos. I run into the enemies and start firing off abilities and visual splendor abounds. The animations and combat effects are truly thrilling in a way that most other games I’ve played could learn something from. If Diablo IV had this much direct and constant visual feedback I’d probably play it for even longer than I played III.

While it gets the combat and the visuals very right, everything else has suffered…though I think it’s more of a creative thing rather than a direct quality problem. The storyline is intentionally vague at the beginning to try and put you in the same mindset as your recently-brain-wiped character, and I’ve been introduced to so many cool-looking characters that I barely have time to decide if I like one before it’s off on a new adventure. A lot of the dialogue is delivered in text, which makes me wonder how many people even read most of it. And it’s ethereal, weird, and full of new terms and lore that you have to pick up on quick.

Combined with a menu that has about a million different options and a deep statistical underpinning, Black Desert is an initially-obtuse thing carried entirely by tremendously fun combat. It’s been a back-and-forth of me shouting “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S HAPPENING HERE OR WHY,” and “WOW LOOK AT THIS GAME!”

I decided to go with the $10 base option and so far I’m happy I did that. You have to step up to the fifty dollar package before you’re getting a significant discount/value, and ten was the perfect price for me to decide if I liked it.

I have noticed I’m leveling up alarmingly quickly, so I’m wondering how soon the game will push me into exploring PVP vs the PVE I’m enjoying so far. Assuming the campaign has some legs under it, I may even happily throw some money at this and try the PC version out in the future for its undeniably better visuals and interface.

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Yeah, didn't read all that blog, but got the idea.

Despite that; Black Desert is heavily known for free and system-safe pornographic content, won't touch on that further for logical reasons. .

Probably bums out the remanence of Crytek. They got nothing to exist for now that the nickname has changed hands

Graphics: The Video Game

At least Nordic will do something with Time Splitters (remember that one?). One of my friends has waited a long time for that IP to resurface. Not that Crytek would have known what to do with Time Splitters anyway.

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I barely played this game. I did have it installed for a while and the game updates were a pain and way too large. I ended up just uninstalling it because having updates over a gig every week or so is just a pain in the ass with slow internet.

The character creator was the main reason I wanted to try it out, but its deceiving and not actually that great. Practically every creation I did just looked like a slightly different Asian character. I've created a million times more unique sims characters than I ever did in Black Desert. Plus the clothing variety is a joke unlike the sims where I have around 3300 clothing mods installed, cost me nothing either. But in Black desert, one freaking clothing piece would cost more than buying real life clothes. Its a total scam.

Check out below, Sims 4 character creation is much better. Tons more of my sims in my images if you wanna see them.

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Heres the character I made when i did play Black Desert, I tried making a bunch but they mostly all looked the same. The tool for creation was awkward as well, Sims 4 creator you can do with zero effort, no sliders to mess with, its all click and drag. So fast and powerful.

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@Yams1980: impressive

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Black Desert may or may not be a good MMO, I don't know. I played it for a few days and found it very shallow.

But what I do know is that it is a fashion sim where you can make sexy people and dress them in real-world money expensive clothes.

You can also make a Michael Jackson. May this forever haunt your dreams!