Best Zombie Games (live stream this Friday)

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#1 Posted by JodyR (16418 posts) -

Hey everyone!

We're putting together a marathon this Friday (Oct. 12th) from 11-4pm. You can expect us to play different games that have zombies in them. We've already got our list of favorites but if you want to share yours go ahead of share them in this topic. :)

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#2 Posted by Gamer_4_Fun (3839 posts) -
Walking Dead Episode 4, Day Z for me please! Can't wait to see!
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#3 Posted by Devil_Spooky (631 posts) -

The first Resident Evil for the Gamecube (or any other of the series, but please no RE4, RE5 or Revelations (no Zombies in there) or RE6 or REORC (because, well, they suck)

Lollipop Chainsaw

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

and a oldie but a goodie, Martian Ghotic: Unification

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#4 Posted by kevb84 (703 posts) -

Zombies Ate My Neighbors or Stubbs the Zombie :D

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#5 Posted by Arach666 (23254 posts) -
DayZ,Project Zomboid and Killing Floor.
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#7 Posted by MrYaotubo (2880 posts) -

I´d like to see some Killing Floor since GS doesn´t usually talk abouty that game very much and it´s a great co-op zombie game,one of the very best,I had a lot more fun with it than with L4D tbh. Also,Dayz would be great.

I just looked at Project Zomboid and it looks like an amazing concept,that one would be great to see.

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#8 Posted by Rheinmetal (1232 posts) -

Great idea! Well, these are the games that I would love to see:

Dead Rising 1 & 2

Resident Evil games from RE1 to Code Veronica X.

Plants vs Zombies

Dead Island.

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#9 Posted by AcidSoldner (7051 posts) -
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. Awesome zombie sandbox to mess around with in single player (riding on Death through Jorge's Gap never gets old) and the multiplayer Undead Overrun is extremely fun & tense.
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#10 Posted by Nanomage (2371 posts) -
Killing Floor and DayZ please! :D
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#11 Posted by dalger21 (1999 posts) -
Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
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#12 Posted by thedarklinglord (899 posts) -
The Half-Life mod "They Hunger" definitely deserves a spot.
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#13 Posted by Lyncaster (228 posts) -
WarZ Alpha?
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#14 Posted by The-Apostle (12195 posts) -
Walking Dead please! :D
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#15 Posted by benleslie5 (8680 posts) -
  • Resident Evil 2, 3 and 4
  • Plants VS Zombies
  • Forbidden Siren series
  • The Walking Dead
  • Silent Hill 2 and 4