Best version of Chrono Trigger?

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#1 Posted by xXvenom5150Xx (92 posts) -

I want to know what people think is the best version of Chono Trigger. I am playing the PS version now but I think I may buy the DS version. Which one is best? (even take the NES original into account)

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#2 Posted by ac_90 (249 posts) -

id say the ds version is the best since it has the extras of the ps1 version without the bad aspects, but its more fun playing it on a big tv with a snes controller

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#3 Posted by JmanRBS (394 posts) -

As someone who has only played the SNES version and the PS1 version..I can't say much about the ds version but I would say that might be your best bet. If not definetly pick up the SNES version. PS1 version is bugged with some crappy and uneccesary loading times.

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#4 Posted by DeafNYCPlayer (2309 posts) -
I played SNES and Playstation versions. Their graphics were much same except Playstation had few bonuses. That's true about loading time. I will play DS version. I am sure that DS will have similar bonuses to Playstation version.
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#5 Posted by Lokardo (25 posts) -
If you want to play on a bigger screen go with the super nintendo version. If you want the extra content go with the ds version because the loading times are next to none.
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#6 Posted by Flame_Blade88 (39348 posts) -
I can safely say that the DS version is an exact transfer of the SNES version. I'd go with that one if you don't get the SNES version.
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#7 Posted by wizzo1980 (25 posts) -

The Playstation version of Chrono Trigger is the best and I don't care if the loading times are slow or whatever. Just be grateful that Final Fantasy Chronicles has Chrono Trigger to go along with Final Fantasy IV

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#8 Posted by Dr_Corndog (3245 posts) -
The DS version is the best, if you don't mind spending the extra cash to get it. Final Fantasy Chronicles on the PS1, with Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV, is a real steal at the prices it's going for. And the loading times aren't nearly as big a deal as people make them out to be. If waiting one extra second (literally) for a battle to start ruins a game for you, well, I really don't know what to say about that.
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#9 Posted by chris3116 (12174 posts) -

The DS and the SNES are basically the same game except the DS one has a new dungeon that both the SNES and the Playstation don't.

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#10 Posted by Nintend0-BuDDy (639 posts) -

DS version has the PS1's anime cut scenes and no lag.

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#11 Posted by wizzo1980 (25 posts) -

So what if the DS version of Chrono Trigger has a new bonus dungeon or whatever. I just prefer Final Fantasy Chronicles since it has both FFIV and Chrono Trigger and I dont care about the so called loading.

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#12 Posted by just_nonplussed (4130 posts) -

psone version is lame. it has really bad loading times.

so i say, snes or ds version.