Best RPGs on GBA

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#1 Posted by grizzlybear1 (1249 posts) -

Im interested to know what the best RPGS on the GBA are? Also which ones are fairly easy to get into for an RPG noob like me.

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I was in your exact same situation at one point.

I have to thank Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire for being so crappy, otherwise I would never have gone out and played:

1. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

2. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

3. Final Fantasy 4

4. Tales of Phantasia

5. Final Fantasy 5

6. Final Fantasy 6

These are just normal RPG's, and only a few at that. For action RPGs or strategy, you have Castlevania, Fire Emblem, FF tactics advance, etc.

The problem with the gba is the rarity of those games so... good luck finding them!

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#3 Posted by 1oh1nine1 (779 posts) -

Golden Sun!

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#4 Posted by williamdave2 (88 posts) -

Breath of Fire I & II! Great turn based RPG games. You MUST check this game out. Dragons FTW!!

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#5 Posted by Vespiion (298 posts) -

Golden Sun!


Definitely one of my favorites. Although the sequel doesn't quite hold up to the greatness of the original, it's still a good RPG too.

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#6 Posted by Flame_Blade88 (39348 posts) -
If you're just getting into RPGs like you said, I highly recommend Golden Sun. My personal favorite on the GBA.
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#7 Posted by ohthemanatee (8104 posts) -
baldur's gate
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#8 Posted by zelosphia_8 (385 posts) -
  • Both Golden Sun's. I still love them and recently started another playthrough of them.
  • Megaman Battle Network games (not sure if they can be counted as RPG's though)
  • Dokapon. Hard to find, but I think it's neat.
  • Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
  • The Final Fantasy games (Dawn of Souls) 4,5,6, and Tactics advance)
  • The Fire Emblem games
  • Summon Night Swordcraft Story 1 & 2

That's all I can think of off the top of my head tho.

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#9 Posted by common_fate (72 posts) -
  • All the Pokemon games
  • Tales of Phantasia
  • Kingdom Chain of Memories
  • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (My favorite)
  • Golden Sun I and II
  • Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem Sacred Stones
  • All the main FF games
  • Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

Those are about all the ones I have played!

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#10 Posted by common_fate (72 posts) -

Might have a hard time finding some of them since RPG's are basically what makes the GBA awesome. With a few exceptions of course like the 1st party Nintendo games

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#11 Posted by TM_Darkside (3993 posts) -

Pokemon, of course. 8)

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#12 Posted by Orlando_Magic (37447 posts) -

My faves are Golden Sun 1 and 2.

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#13 Posted by grizzlybear1 (1249 posts) -

I just got Sword of Mana, is it any good? Looks similer to Zelsa.

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#14 Posted by DeafNYCPlayer (2309 posts) -
Golden Sun 1-2 Fire Emblem Phantasy Star Collection, it came out with Phantasy Star 1-3.
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#15 Posted by texasgoldrush (12177 posts) -
duh...FFVI But for a non port Golden Sun
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#16 Posted by cmpepper23 (3281 posts) -

Golden Sun games are the best imo.

I also enjoyed Fire Emblem and FF Tactics.

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#17 Posted by gamefree2 (2073 posts) -

Can't go wrong with Golden Sun.

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#18 Posted by dovberg (3348 posts) -

golden sun series is the most obvious choice.

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#19 Posted by Shadowtails9000 (509 posts) -

Fans will fight to the death as to whether it is an RPG or RTS, but seriously, play the Fire Emblem GBA games. Both are incredible.