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#1 Posted by BlackStar42 (25 posts) -
What does Everyone think is the best NFS game in the whole series. Personal favourite Is Nitro for the Wii, but I wanted to see what you guys think.
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#2 Posted by SadPSPAddict (5462 posts) -

Shift for the home consoles

Underground Rivals for the PSP

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#3 Posted by s-e-e-k (252 posts) -

I liked the first NFS: Most Wanted for PC

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#4 Posted by It_Is_JAMES (25 posts) -

I liked the first NFS: Most Wanted for PC



This. Funnest arcade racing game I've ever played. Wish it were available on Steam.

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#5 Posted by BarbaricAvatar (1000 posts) -

NFS: Porsche 2000/Unleashed was the best one by far.

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#6 Posted by MAS_100 (77 posts) -

I liked the Need for Speed: Shift and the new Most Wanted game. Criterion are always reliable for making really great driving games and they didn't disappoint with Most Wanted. I look forward to seeing what they work on next.

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#7 Posted by JimmiCottam (105 posts) -
Carbon. It was really rewarding and satisfying to play
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#8 Posted by gunslinger024 (252 posts) -
NFS most wanted without question, having cops chasing you all the time was the best
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#9 Posted by Dexter-010 (494 posts) -
Underground series
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#10 Posted by GSKOH (25 posts) -

Carbon and Shift 2 are my favorites

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#11 Posted by Adri6 (25 posts) -

Underground 2 and Most Wanted 1!

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#12 Posted by lensflare15 (6652 posts) -

Need for Speed Underground and NFS Most Wanted.

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#13 Posted by kriggy (1193 posts) -

Shift comes as #1

Porsche as a close #2


and after that I have a hard time to tell.

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#14 Posted by GreenoApple (25 posts) -
Carbon it is
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#15 Posted by initialj1017 (25 posts) -
Underground2 definitely
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#16 Posted by smalls5 (109 posts) -
I own 12 of the NFS games and my personal favorite is the first Most Wanted. However, the new Hot Pursuit was super fun online.
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#17 Posted by tomtalk24 (25 posts) -
By far Shift and Shift 2, but unsure if they should be classed as NFS as not arcade. All the other titles seem to be just pointing vehicles in a rough direction with remarkable handling and speed. Yet I did think the snow stage of NFS The Run was good, yet the rest of that game was quite a big let down.
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#19 Posted by ycdeo (2708 posts) -
pagani huayra should be in.
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#20 Posted by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -
Shift 1 & 2 from the recent, but the Underground games are my favorites
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#21 Posted by twnturbo (95 posts) -

My personal favorite Need For Speed title would have to be Hot Pursuit 2 on the PlayStation 2 (also for PC, GameCube and the original Xbox). The atmosphere the game brought was none other than I had experienced and its stellar soundtrack was another other major factor that complimented its classic-styled gameplay and drew me closer to the action happening on-screen.

Also, if you're looking for a good challenge, this game will test your skill and patience. 

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#22 Posted by SadPS3Addict (71 posts) -

Shift and both versions of Most Wanted!

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#23 Posted by Rayrota (1456 posts) -

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (PS2)

Still the greatest in my book.

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#25 Posted by jwrebholz (449 posts) -
HP2 for PS2 I think was the pinnacle of the series.
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#26 Posted by TM-Mordred (25 posts) -

Need for Speed: Carbon is pretty much my favorite game of all time. Undercover was alright and Most Wanted 2012 was pretty good too, but I hated the ugly brown/orange color wash that seems to encompass all aspects of the world except the cars (except for the night sequenses in MW2012). Most Wanted 2012 also gets boring really quick once you hit the Number 1 spot on the Blacklist, don't play multiplayer often, and have no DLC available because you're a Vita user.


Carbon has a lot of great cars (of course pre 2007), beautiful colors with all of Palmont City's night lights, and all the epic police chases just not possible on the Own the City releases or Vita MW. My one issue is that once you beat the game there's no real way to get money easily.

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#27 Posted by Bmty17 (25 posts) -

I think the best NFS game ever is Carbon XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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#28 Posted by RobbHunter (33 posts) -
Hot Pursuit is definitely my favourite game in the series, but that's simply because I spent countless hours playing it with an old friend.
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#29 Posted by videogameboss (25 posts) -
1. world 2. most wanted 3. carbon
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#30 Posted by avant8 (25 posts) -
Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012.
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#31 Posted by mrhatz (25 posts) -

I would have to say the NFS Underground 1 and 2 as well as the first Most Wanted.