Best N64 memory card?

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Yeah, the controller pack I have isn't so great. My official N64 Controller Pack went missing a long time ago, and the Performance one I'm using, unlike one that I had before, actually works, but I'm not sure if it holds as much, or more, or whatever. I do know it doesn't hold much after a save of Hexen or Mario Kart 64 TT data (which it certainly can't hold simultaneously).

So, is there a higher-capacity memory card that isn't unstable crap? If it fits in the controller without sticking out like a GBA game on a freakin' DS Lite, even better, but I can't be too picky about this.

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Always with third party your going to get iffy stability(although,I never experienced any stability issues), and unfortunatly there arn't high capacity
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The best memory card for the N64 would be "MEMORY CARD PLUS", by Performance. It is 4 memory cards in one. Has a switch in the back of the memory card to switch from 1, 2, 3 and 4 to switch from each block. Have never had any problems works great.


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N64 memory packs were definitely the biggest downside of the system -_-

Luckily, most of the best games have internal memory.

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Oh, my god... o_o

Darktoothxo, that was the first N64 memory card I ever owned. Memory Card Plus, that brings back memories. I promptly returned it when it wouldn't function at all, and replaced it with an official one.

Judging from the reviews and your own testimonial, I'm going to guess that was a fluke, but I'm hoping lightning doesn't strike twice.


Yeah, I know the N64 memory cards weren't the most significant part of the N64. When I was getting N64 games during it's lifetime, I had very few games that even utilized it. I haven't heard of a lot of large capacity memory cards, and I guess that's because there wasn't a lot of them.

Yeah, most of the best games on the N64 have built-in saving, even Nintendo's low-budget releases like Dr. Mario 64 had that. However, unlike the GBA's situation, the difference in production costs must've been enough for low-budget games like Wetrix and simple ports like Hexen to not warrant that luxury. It's pretty much the low-budget games that required it, with games like Mario Kart 64 using it for stuff that would've probably been too big for built-in saving, as well as the benefit of having portable saves, where multiplayer games would benefit from players having their own data, which from the lack of popularity for the memory card, this probably wasn't realized much at all outside of sports games.

That was supposed to be the driving concept. The N64 games could save data, but the memory cards would let you have your own personal data, for scores, characters, stats, etc. Obviously, this didn't really take off very well, so it's mostly relegated to a crutch for low-budget releases. It's not like it's the only part of the N64 that didn't see a lot of use, like the one-time 4MB upgrade about four years in the future, and the disk-drive attachment which had absolutely no use here in the west. I still love looking at the bottom of the N64, with it's little cover and connector, and just smiling back at the completely untapped "just-in-case-we-need-it" connector. The top of the N64 was almost the same story, with a ridiculous cartridge stuck in there for no apparent reason like a huge oddity, which could've been entirely worthless if they hadn't come out with the expansion pack near the end of it's lifespan.

That's ok, N64. The bottom connections on the Gamecube turned out to be quite handy, and I'm not talking Phantasy Star Online here. (Yay! Gameboy Player kicks ASS!)

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If you want to remove nearly any chance of memory corruption you have to go with the official memory card. Any third-party versions which promise expanded memory or are just cheaper are unstable and could possibly break and lose all your saves. I played the N64 for years and never had any problems with the official nintendo memory cards, however encountered corrupt data on madcatz, pelican, and other third party brands.

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I just bought a N64 Memory Card by perfomance, and it doesn't work, i'm gonna try and replace the lithium battery, i think i'd go with the mega pack, that is one I remember using the most.....beforeI lost it, lol. it had more space plus it was a rumble pack. P.S. i'm not really sure thats what it was called

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well theres not really a diference in quality

just size and company

ive always had a hard time with any memory card -nintendos its so small i cant grip it and it still doesnt read all the time

id go with performance/interacts super memory card -it has 4 memory cards in 1 ,

or just go with any memory card . theres only 2 sizes interacts super size and noirmal from various suppliers including nintendo ,

the thing about any memorycard for n64 they like to format them selfs almost all the time igo play rugrats paris save a game come back 3 days later only to find no gamesave

ive had this problem with every memory card i have so it really doesnt matter

probles with those memorycards are there

b ut if it can last you til you beat the game then your fine

as it did for me