Best Keyboard for FPS gaming

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The Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E 5 released this week is known for FPS gaming, with its OLED Screen with EYE Technology. Check it out >> And also many cool Keyboards, components, Gaming stuff,reviews,wallpapers,trailers etc, Visit ! Please try and promote this website coz its where every gamer belongs.
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$200. For a KEYBOARD. Well, if someone wants to lend me one, I'll try it. If I like it, I'll buy it.

If nobody wants to lend me one for a while... then no. I'll stick to my cheap 104-key $20 keyboard, thanks. It's one-tenth the cost of the STRIKE5, and it does everything I need from it. I have other things I'd rather do with the other $180... like upgrade my computer's RAM. Or that same $180 would pay more than half the cost of the high-end video card I want.

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Probably not many peoples first choice, but I have a Steelseries Shift, and its pretty damn awesome