Best intro in a 7th generation game

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With the 7th gaming generation officially over, I think it is the best time to reflect on it.
What game from the 7th generation do you think had the best intro?
For me, it's GTA V as it but you straight into the action with a fun shootout and chase sequence, this was a strong departure from previous games which had started slowly.

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tough choice:

i love the tutorial in dark souls (and demons' souls, for that matter). in dark souls, the level design is a lot more open but you can run into difficulty spikes that work as barriers. the tutorial, not satisfied with simply telling you "press R1 to attack," teaches you how to deal with this. very early on, you must encounter a boss that is very hard (if technically possible). you could die a bunch of times trying to beat it right away or you could spot an escape route and take off. once you escape, you find better equipment and a new way to approach the boss, allowing you to win much more easily. the whole sequence is very short, packed with great ideas, and never feels like it's on training wheels. take note, FFXIII and skyward sword.

i also really like the opening to fallout 3. bethesda has a bit of a habit of expressing freedom to the player by releasing them from prison to start a game. i suppose fallout 3's vault 101 is a bit of a prison, but your escape is more than that. the first scene of the game is being born in first person (both familiar and bizarrely exotic in first person games) and being greeted by the harsh light of the doctor's lamp. as the years quickly roll by and you escape vault 101, you are greeted by the harsh light of the sun. the game opens up with a birth and a rebirth. there's a funny sign too.