Best games to play while listening to podcasts

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Hello lads, recently I've been listening to a lot of podcasts and I wanted to play while listening to them but I am not sure what to play. Any suggestions?

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@fummycloud: Probably games that aren't very "story-heavy." You'd want to play games that have plenty of gameplay with less cutscenes.

Just my opinion though.

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Mario games are generally best. You usually don't have to pay much attention to those.

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Anything that comes across as second nature in controls and structure. Mostly games you've likely already sunk tons of hours into.

Much like @speeny would probably think story heavily games with unskippable cutscenes are a no for this particular requirement. But Arcade games, Puzzle games, and even Tactical RPGs should fit the bill. Even sandbox adventure games should be accessible while listening to a podcast.

Muscle memory games is usually the correct terminology.

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I listen to a TON of podcasts too. My go tos are the grinding sections of RPGs, platformers, puzzles, and recently Dragon Quest Builders.

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None because that's really annoying. Go clean up your room.

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I breezed through the assassins creed Ezio collection whilst listening to various podcasts.

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I think pubg g is the best option for you!

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how can you do these things simultaneously