best games this year so far

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mine 1 RDR2 2 spiderman 2 gow 4 assasin creed odyssey 5 tomb raider shadow 6 dragon quest 11 7 detroit become human 8 far cry 5 9 ni no kuni 2 10 yakuza 6 11 shenmue HD 12 hollow knight 13 yakuza kiwami 2. very good year for gaming and next going better

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You couldn't of spaced that better?

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Yeah, it's formatted horrible and I disagree, it wasn't a good gaming year, at least not for me. My highlights were Disgaea 1 Complete 8a remaster), Spyro (a remake), Tetris Effects and Octopath Traveller.

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I think RD2

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Where's Horizon 4 though?

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1. God of war.

2. Everything else including Red dead redemption 2. Shout out to valkyria chronicles 4 for being such an amazing game.

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Haven't played any games released this year bar the Hitman demo. But I played and finshed:


Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, Rayman Origins, Guacamelee


Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros


Little Nemo: The Dream Master

My game of the year is Guacamelee

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Hollow Knight didn't release this year, it was 2017.

Monster Hunter: World is without question my favorite game of 2018 so far. It respects its fanbase while streamlining just enough to bring in a different audience. All the story quests are trash, but everything else is gold. Great mechanics and level design, no game has better radical A.I. I've experienced and the options are faithful to longtime players of the franchise. Free DLC helps also.

Disgaea Refine was a great remake of the original so that also deserves some credit. It's not really an overhaul but more a faithful remake with just some fan favorite editions added for longtime fans.

God of War IV was ok, but that camera is a hindering feature a classic perspective should be optional, and how they turned climbing into a loading screen is very unappealing. It was still very much a hack n' slasher game but was far too up its cinematic ass to be a better game.

Both Castlevania: Requiem, and Dragon's Crown are amazing ports of older games. Not much more to add.

And finally Smash Bros Ultimate isn't out yet but I can't see it disappointing with all it plans to offer. Pretty excited.

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Is it wrong if u stick to only one mmorpg for years? ._.

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@sakaixx: love them

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This site is the best so far for me, it's a brilliant choice that sets Battle Royale apart not just from other battle royale games, but most competitive multiplayer games in general.

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RD2 singleplayer.