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Welcome to the new blog called Before You buy/play where I'm going to tell the drawbacks of a game so you can have a 2nd opinion about the game. I'm not telling that all these games that I'm going to talk about are trash. I'm trying to make you think: Is this game worth it? Should I spend my money for this game? Let's start with RDR 2, massively multiplayer, open world game made by Rockstar. Let's start this off

The funny thing about Red Dead Redemption 2 is that despite all of the things it does so fantastically well, the problems aren't exactly hard to spot. This is a massive, sprawling title with both triumphs and failures that are hard to ignore no matter how you're playing, and it's a testament to those triumphs that we're able to forget about these problems when faced with what the game does well.

Still, this is a game with some issues, and there's no way around that.Below we've got the 5 biggest problems with Red Dead Redemption 2:

Depressing, Endless Story: This is by far my biggest gripe with the game. The story is well told but feels poorly-conceived, and it's a relentless, depressing downer. The fact that this is a prequel means we already know that things don't end well for many of these characters, but you don't need to have played Red Dead Redemption to witness the continual beating they take just in this game. Things start bad and they end worse, the difference is that it takes a whopping 60 hours to make it through. Some editing and reorganization could have significantly lessened the impact here-- there's a reason why Cormac Mccarthy books aren't 60 hours long, and there's a reason King Lear is crammed full of raunchy jokes.

Clunky Mechanics:

Red Dead Redemption 2's Arthur Morgan is a slow, bulky cowboy that responds to button presses in good time. Not only is there noticeable input lag in a number of situations, but the main character also moves slow and strangely throughout much of the game. There are great moments in the control scheme, notably the always-satisfying Deadeye ability. But all in all, things aren't as tight as they need to be here, even if this isn't a competitive multiplayer game yet. The game too often forces you to slow down unnaturally, and the result actually breaks the illusion rather than reinforcing it.

Add into this a confusing and slippery UI and you have a situation where the game just doesn't do what you want it to nearly often enough. The less said about horses running headlong into trees, the better.

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Before you buy RDR2, play GTA V and realize Rockstar still doesn't know fun controls.

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Before you buy RDR 2....wait for the pc version. Then you can mod out all the shit mechanics from the game.

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I thought this was about, "Before you buy" YouTuber lol.

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@ezekiel43: Is it really too hard for a AAA company like Rockstar to refine the gameplay and mechanics in their games or do they just not give a crap?

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@ado_strav: You are inherently wrong!

Red Dead 2 has graphics, story, and an open world. And that's it.

Gameplay is overrated.

-sincerely some Rockstar fanboi

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While I absolutely loved RDR2, I was perplexed by how Rockstar maniacally pursued realism to unreasonable extents, and then made a combat system that's the most arcadey thing imaginable.

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@doomnukem3d said:

@ezekiel43: Is it really too hard for a AAA company like Rockstar to refine the gameplay and mechanics in their games or do they just not give a crap?

Why should they care when unprofessional reviewers will give them perfect scores and players everywhere will buy the game just for the authenticity and amount of content? No one encourages them to fix their controls.

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@ezekiel43: Exactly. Rockstar during a time tried opening its horizons and was shunned for it.