Batman Origin Blackgate Yay or Nay??

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I preordered a copy of Batman OBG and I'm still deciding to go through with it or not. I'm interested with the storyline but I am a bit disappointed that it's not free roam or full 3D. It being a side scroller I'm worried the game may be too easy and short. Also the 3DS version and Vita being a port of each other is a bigger disappointment. I don't have a lot of games for the Vita but Walking Dead and Killzone Merc and I'm picky about the games I get. What do you guys think?

Batman or Persona 4 Golden or Soul Sacrifice or Dragon's Crown.?

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Batman AO seems to be more of Arkham City and i never liked that title so i will pass on that.

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I'm playing Persona 4 Golden right now and really, that's all I want to play. I fucking love it. So if you have any interest in it, go ahead and buy it. Especially since you can get it for half the cost of Blackgate anyway.

As for the primary question, I couldn't tell you. Blackgate looks like the type of game I want on my Vita. It intrigues me and I really want to love it, but I'm waiting for the reviews to roll in. This one can go either way, and right now it isn't something I want to pay full price for.

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Persona is one of "those" games. It's transcendent. It's pretty much a must-play game.

Just so I'm not rambling, let me elaborate: I don't care for JRPGs. Not to put too fine a point on it, but since Final Fantasy went 3D I lost interest in the genre. (or is it a sub-genre? Whatever) I have played a few in the time between the late 90s and now, and they just haven't been games I've found appealing. Nothing wrong with them mind you, they just aren't for me.

Enter: Persona. This is the one that defies all the rules in my view. Good characters, good characterization, good use of the medium to tell an interesting story. It's the prime example of JRPGs done in a way that even an outsider can enjoy. That even someone like me can say "That's not just a good game, it's a great game", makes it more than the sum of it's parts. I have no problem recommending it to anyone who likes video games.

So on to Blackgate. I'm getting it, and I think it looks interesting. But if you're asking if you should only get one of those two; Persona 4 or Batman: Blackgate? Persona 4, without hesitation, is my personal suggestion.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy whichever you choose. :)

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I've been keeping a close eye on Blackgate. I'm picking it up tomorrow, but for the casual consumer(that is, folks who haven't been begging for this game since e3 2010, like I have), I'd suggest a more cautious approach. The videos I've seen(mostly snuck out of the trade show floors and one or two official videos) haven't inspired the utmost confidence in me as to the complexity of the combat. Maybe that's got to do with all of them being from the earliest points in the game- the tutorial section and the first few minutes inside the prison), or maybe it's the players' skill levels, but I haven't seen much beyond punch, punch, counter.

The reviews ought to be interesting.