Asus 750JM-DS71?

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Well at the moment I own a desktop but I really am looking to purchase a laptop. I have really become an Asus fan as I believe in their products and trust that they only build quality equipment. I have read the specs and I like the look of the laptop and was wondering what you opinions are as far as gaming laptops. I found this one for $1,299.00 and thought that was a pretty good price. Is there anything in that price range that would be better or should I possibly increase what I'm willing to spend for a quality gaming laptop?

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Buying a laptop solely for gaming is not a good idea. You pay a 200ish premium for the prebuilt, a 50 dollar premium for the ROG brand name and 300 premium for the fact that it's a laptop. With an 860m. You should be able to run games like BF4 smoothly on medium to high. I strongly recommend building a desktop for 1000 and then getting a Chromebook (300) for on the go note taking and web browsing. You will literally get twice the performance for gaming and still have something for on the go.

If you are firm on getting a laptop though, that's not a bad choice. Personally, I'd stay away from anything Razer, Alienware, or ROG. They all carry a premium because of the brand. MSI laptops are quite good for gaming.

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@melonfarmerz: I have an awesome desktop but would like to have an all around laptop that could run all current games. I don't play games a lot but when I play I want a great system to play on. I had actually looked at MSI and had considered buying one of those. I wasn't sure about the quality as I have never owned an MSI product. Do you own an MSI product and how has it treated you so far?