Assassin's Creed (PS3), still worth a playthrough?

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We just watched the Assassin’s Creed movie and i got a little interested in where it all started. Browsed over to the PSN-store and saw that it was on sale for about 4 USD. Is it still worth a try or is it so old in terms of gameplay and visuals byt today's standards that it’s a chore to play? I’ve read some comments about it being pretty boring and repetitive. I never use my PS3 for gaming these days so i’ll have to dust it off aswell first.

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Definitely worth a play through brotherhood was my favourite 2 was an improvement over 1.

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@robert_sparkes: Thanks for the reply, i’ll give it a go then.

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I thought the first Assassin's Creed was an intriguing game, but was horribly repetitive. AC2 was a lot better over the first and Brotherhood (third entry to the series) was pretty good, too.

AC3, eh, kind of lost me on this entry. There wasn't much else to be done with the game aside from the ship combat that was introduced. The ship combat, a lot of people praise it, but I find it rather drab. Sure, the controls were easy, utilizing multiple ways to fight on ships was easy, but it felt too easy. Other than the ship combat everything else was the same - run after someone, fetch quest, tail a target, kill people, climb things....over and over again. The story was decent enough to keep up with if you played the first games.

If you really enjoyed the first few Assassin's Creed games, the third should keep you entertained. Certainly worth a play if you enjoy the history of AC series and find the gameplay entertaining.

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I liked my PS3 then its disc drive went crazy and would cost too much for repair. The two most games I went back to got PS4 ports (Dragon's Dogma, Dragon's Crown) so I don't feel too bad about it anymore. Likewise I think all those Assassins Creed also got current Gen makeovers. Lucky the PS5 is backwards compatible because once a remaster puts a game at 60FPS and fixes bad game rendering not really anything else to improve honestly.

Still waiting on that Heavenly Sword Remaster though.

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AC II and AC Brotherhood are some of my favorite games of all-time. Definitely give it a try. The Ezio remastered trilogy should be pretty cheap.

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Ezio collection is well worth revisiting only an upscale more than anything but still good to play. I didn't mind the combat in them.

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I'm actually re-playing Assassin's Creed 2 from the Ezio Collection on PS4, it still holds up well today. I played it on Xbox 360 back when it released.

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I thought the first game was very boring. I bought it, tried to play it some and put it away. Sold it used and somehow I ended up with it again. Might have been a AC1+2 collection. "Suffered" through it to know the story before ACII. It was very repetitive. Listen to those guys, pickpocket this man learn your target and kill him. Continue to next town, rinse and repeat. ACII was much better. More interesting story and more people to interact with. And the Assassins Tomb side missions was a funny distraction.

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@livingdeadman: I’m playing through the game atm. The graphics and framerate on the PS3 is something that makes the game feel really old, like a good looking PS2 game. I kind of like it though and it grows on you. I have two questions though: Is there a penalty for killing soldiers (beyond those you are required to) and the occasional civilian? What is the benefit of scaling and unlocking all View Points in a city district beyond the first one (you’re required to)?

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@Izak80: There is no penalty for killing soldiers but if you kill too many civilians (like three) you will be forced to reload a save point (white loading screen). The benefit for unlocking View Points is to view the shops, side missions (assassination contracts & beat up missions) and treasures in the World Map and mini-map radar. Hope this answers your questions.

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The AC games tend to age poorly (AC 2 suffers from poor controls and outdated visuals), but they are still good games if only for the incredible historical settings and story.

The "Ezio Saga" is arguably the best story and perhaps the best character in the game, and it shows because they got like three games out of him when they generally only get one per character.

TL;DR: yes, worth it to play.

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AC1 was really repetitve and aged poorly IMO. I'd suggest playing the remaster of the Ezio trilogy on current gen platforms.

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@livingdeadman: Thanks for the info. The only things i can see on the city maps are: view points, save civilians, scholars (walking hide spots) and the story related missions. Do more unlock after i’ve synchronized every view point? I’ve only scaled and synchronized every view point in like two out of three districts yet.

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You're welcome. I don't know if more unlock, but I always make sure to scale a viewpoint when I'm near one, so it clears the world in the map being able to see streets and alleyways.

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@livingdeadman: Yeah, i’m suffering from ”the completionist bug” so i must clear the map of all side quests before i can move on. I like the game so far and the repetiveness of it doesn’t bother me too much. I’m looking forward to beating it though so i can move on to the PS4 port of AC2 with hopefully some better graphics and framerate.

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I'll be honest here... Assassins Creed games seem dated, and not in the "Oh, that's just Assassins Creed for ya" kind of way, but rather the "Geez, these mechanics are garbage... it's slow garbage" kind of way. If you're willing to suffer through the agony of low resolution, horrible game mechanics, but at the very least a really good story then sure knock yourself out. Just know that it's not as spectacular as you may remember.

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@Izak80: Glad to hear you're liking it even for its repetitiveness. I too suffer from that bug, I want to at least complete most games to 85% complete.