assassin's creed play in order?

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Hi do you need to play assassin's creed from the start and play in order or can you just play which ever you want?. I just got assassin's creed revelations and just wanted to no if you need to play the others first to no the story?.


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Just downloaded and installed assassin's creed Revelations on Steam. Have you realy got to register and login to play on Uplay on ubisoft?.

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If you really follow storys in games then they do all follow on, but i dont so much so it doesnt matter to me.

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you should, its much better storywise, ac 2 - ac: brotherhood ac revelations. if you don't care about story there is no problem, but if you can you really should, specially because ac 2 is a lot better than the other 2, they are just expansions.

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If you want to fully get into the storyline you should start from the beginning.
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once you've played 1, youve played them all. this is ubisofts version of COD.
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Play in order, it's better to follow the story.

Assassin's Creed > Assassin's Creed II > Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood > Assassin's Creed: Revelations