Are They Gonna Do A "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3"?

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I never played the first one but I loved the second(I'm a big marvel fan). You think that with the popularity of the marvel movies they could justify MUA 3. I'd love to see it, especially if it had my favorite marvel characters in it(punisher, gambit, cyclops,iron man and spider-man, and considering spider-man is marvel poster boy it's pretty much a given he'd be in MUA 3).Maybe with the story doing something with the secret wars story line (The 1984 one, not the one from 2004). What do you think?

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If they do... Will it be better than Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris ?

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@Lulu_Lulu: Don't know. never played guardian of light so I really have no point of reference.

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Well they should make Ultimate Alience 3 anyway..... Co-op is always good and developers should always say yes to it everytime.

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True dat.

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With the catalogue of characters available it should be a simple decision! 4 player offline and online gaming. Easy release for all consoles.

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Since they haven't done it already I'd assume no

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I played the first one and it was great. I had tons of fun with that game. Don't know about the second but they should make a third one, why not.

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I am still waiting. Maybe with the new consoles, and the long break, we will get a true sequel to it.

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Hopefully. What really sucks is no one plays MUA2 online anymore(at least on the ps3 a months ago when I tried to get a game going) so I either have to play solo or kidnap 3 hobos.

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I doubt it. Activision has got their hands full with Call of Duty and Skylanders and those make millions so they won't have time to even bother with a new Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Maybe one day. :(