Are the Prototype games any good?

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I know hardly anything about Prototype 1 & 2, but I've been considering giving them a try. I will have a look at some reviews but I would also like to hear about your thoughts and opinions. Do you like, love or hate the games? Or are they just okay.

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I've played some of the first and while I'm not a fan of the games/ genre will just sum up Prototype as so-

Do you like Sandbox games?

Do you like playing as a Super Hero who throws cars and climbs buildings with ease?

If the answer to both is "yes" I think it'll fit you perfectly. Enjoy_

However if you are someone who prefers Super Hero games be Beat em' Ups/ Fighters. Sandbox more grounded in real world physics and character strengths; probably not so much.

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They're good games, once you get used to the unusual mechanics.

But, you're not a superhero. You're not a hero. Don't go into those games thinking you're the good guy. You're just the lesser evil, as the sequel makes quite clear.

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I found the first fun in very short bursts but not interesting enough to continue.

The protagonist was a duslikable dick and the overall tone was quite angst and mean spirited.

Maybe recommend it on a deep discount.

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I've heard very mixed things about the games. Mostly negative though. The second game always looked more intriguing to me.

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I liked it. It was any thing great but still good. If you liked infamous, you'll like prototype.