AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Worst Games of the Decade (2010 - 2019)

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Oh boy, this is the big one. The past decade was full of completely bad games that ruined all expectations, whatever it was due to bad design design choices, broken gameplay, horrible graphics and sound and over controversies that truly ruin the gaming industry's reputation. I will be talking about the 10 most offensive pieces of garbage of games that shouldn't have the right to exist and ones that hurt gamers the most.

10: WWE 2K20

Platform: PS4/XBox One/PC

Developer: Visual Concepts

The WWE haven't had much glory after the 90s and 2000s and this most recent entry in the WWE series has to be one of the worst yet. It had slightly awful graphics, a really bad career mode but most of all the game was littered with bad physics and loads of bugs and glitches which made the game the biggest laughing joke on the internet. It made me wonder how this mess was even approved for release when it was release in such an unfinished state.

9: Dungeon Keeper

Platform: iOS

Developer: Mythic Entertainment/EA

Dungeon Keeper a old PC game from the 90s returns to mobile and the release came with perhaps one of the worst exclusions of microtransactions in any game ever. All actions in the game from constructing traps, minions and so on can take ages for them to build like hours or even days just to even build one thing but if you don't want to wait for the long time it takes for each action to complete you can spend real world cash to complete each action immediately. It is the most blatant use of pay to win gaming ever and just because the game is free to play doesn't excuse that it tries to force you to spend money just to even progress is harmful enough. There are plenty of games out there that have this kind of system but do not force you to spend money to win the game and you have a good time with it. This wouldn't be the last time we would see EA with this kind of manipulative business practice. Yes I am looking at you Star Wars Battlefront II (2017).

8: Alone In The Dark Illumination

Platform: PC

Developer: Pure FPS

Oh the mighty have fallen, Alone In The Dark Illumination was a dumb co-op shooter that is further removed from it's roots to the point that it has managed to lose it's entire idenity. That's right you are not Alone and nor you are in the Dark cause you have to bring enemies into light sources so that you can shoot them. On top of the overly terrible gameplay and the attempt to bring the brand to the co-op shooter market it suffered from a ton of performance problems which made a real pain. This game will be the nail in the coffin for the franchise and it shall now remain in its own darkness.

7: Left Alive

Platform: PS4/XBox One/PC

Developer: Llinx/Square Enix

There is so much that isn't even Left Alive with this broken spin-off of the Front Mission series and nothing in the game even works. The stealth mechanics are broken as everybody knows where you are yet they are very, very dumb and don't shoot properly, the checkpoints are terribly spaced too far apart and the storyline and characters are completely awful. It tries to rip off the Metal Gear series and does everything wrong and here I thought Konami ruining their own Metal Gear franchise was already bad enough.

6: Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric

Platform: Nintendo Wii U

Developer: Big Red Button/Sega

Since the Sonic 06 game everyone thought that there was no possible way that we could have one Sonic that's way worse then that but somehow Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric managed to be even worse then that. It's painful to see Sonic walk in such a snails pace and when the game finally goes fast the horrible frame rate and camera removes any kind of fun that you would have. It has terrible combat mechanics that have no depth or feedback and lastly puzzle sections that are borderline annoying alongside the voice acting that the characters never shut up when they have to mention bounce pads and rings. Speaking of the characters the redesigns of the characters look atrocious and seriously what have they done to Knuckles? The graphics look like it came out on the PlayStation 2 and when it launched it had a ton of bugs and glitches including the famous Knuckles glitch which allowed you to skip huge portions of the game. Sonic has fallen multiple times but this has to the worst he has ever fallen in history and what's sad is that there are still people trying to defend it and it got a sequel on the 3DS that should never have happened.

5: Anthem

Platform: PS4/XBox One/PC

Developer: Bioware/EA

No hype, constant delays and the amount of empty promises will ever be as bad as Anthem. It was a game where it had so much planned ahead but however the launch was one of the most disastrous especially from a company like EA and Bioware. It had constant performance problems and it had a ton of bugs and glitches that even day one patches couldn't even fix. Most of your time was spent either in loading screens and plenty of times it would either throw you back to the menu or just crash completely. When you finally begin that you realize that it is slightly worsened loot shooter with really poor gameplay and mechanics, terrible menu interface, missions that are very repetitive and they are a pain to keep track off and worst off you have to grind achievements to even progress the main story. EA even had many plans ahead that could have saved Anthem but instead EA cancelled their roadmap for it and completely ruined any possible chance of redemption that the game could have had. Well done EA never figured would could manage to kill your next big project so bad like that.

4: Fallout 76

Platform: PS4/XBox One/PC

Developer: Bethesda

There have been a ton of bad open world games that have released around the past decade but the one that has become very infamous to gaming is Fallout 76. Fallout 76 launched without NPCs which made the game empty and lifeless and the game had tons of bugs and glitches but these were the only the icing on the cake. There were other controversial news and updates for Fallout 76 which yes they added NPCs and quest lines which should have been in the game to begin with but that doesn't save the game for long. People were displeased with the special edition helmets when they eventually got those months later, they would later add a subscription service which for 12 months costed £99.99 for paywall features and it was broken as well as also a Battle Royale mode which the game didn't need at all. They would ban a player for having too much ammo or another player for trying to help improve the game. The game later got hacked in which hackers stole all of the players inventory and Bethesda have yet to put a stop to it and even falsely claim that 2019 was a good year for Fallout 76. Well it was certainly a good year alright Bethesda, a good year where the game that's already had gotten a bad reputation adds extra salt to the wounds. Seriously just Google Fallout 76 and you will see the endless amount of continuous lies and controversies that this game is still getting today.

3: The Unknown City Episode 1.....The Horror Begins Now

Platform: PlayStation 4/PC

Developer: Yash Future Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd

The horror truly begins when you realize that this was actually released on the PlayStation 4 and Sony actually allowed it and licensed it for their platform and yet the final result was one that has to considered to be one of the absolute worst games on the PS4. It is one of the most unbelievable messes that is impossible to describe unless you experience it for yourself but my advice is that you shouldn't for the amount of things that are wrong with this game. The game steals assets from other games, it looks like a game that was released on the PlayStation 2, it has terrible controls like you wouldn't believe it like get this, Circle pauses the game, I'm serious it's not the Options button but the Circle button to pause the game. All of the weapons have such ridiculous recoil that make it near impossible to hit enemies and the enemies are just downright stupid but spawn in huge numerous that you large amounts of time shooting at all enemies. The voice acting if you even want to call it that is just robotic text to speech samples that just sound horrible. All of the levels are repetitive and atrocious, the gotten one of the weapons wrong, you don't use an AK-47 but an MP5 and there is no upgrade system of any kind that the game lies about. To top it all off it is completely unpolished and suffers from plenty of bugs and glitches including getting stuck on walls or stairs forcing a restart. It is unbelievable that a game like this would be released in such a broken, unfinished and just terribly awfully made fashion that you really need to wonder. How this mess get released and why was this not checked to see that it could have needed more work? But nope it was a completely irredeemable atrocity and it infuriates me that it even exists and yet it costs money to buy it on the PSN Store. It sure makes you question the quality control that the platform holder has when it comes to crafting video games and content for their console.

2: Ride to Hell Retribution

Platform: PS3/XBox 360/PC

Developer: Eutechnyx

Here it is and I know everyone would be expecting this game to be here and it is here for a reason. Ride to Hell isn't as broken, buggy or unpolished as the others but the game's design and offensive content is what really make the game as bad as everyone says. On top of dropping the openworld idea that it could have went for, It has terrible third person shooting controls, the beat em up segments that are stupidly broken, the bike riding segments are atrocious, the AI is completely brain dead and dumb. The cutscenes in the game are also pretty horribly crafted as they are missing vital sound effects which makes scenes play out awkwardly. One of the most offensive and disgusting parts of the game is that the game treats women as an sex object, you you save a woman you're rewarded with one of the worst sex scenes you could ever witness where everyone is fully clothed and they are just dry humping and it is completely uncomfortable to watch. There are many bad games that are out there that are released in such an unfinished state and ones that are designed so horribly that you don't consider it one you should play but Ride to Hell is a special kind of bad game that is considered offensive and that is what this game is. It's not just any kind of bad game, terrible game or anything on the realms of atrocious levels but offensive. Following the extremely negative response Deep Silver removed the PC version from Steam and the other games that were planned were cancelled and never released.

Oh yes, I have found a game worse then that of Ride to Hell Retribution and The Unknown City but before we even get to that let's have a quick look at some dishonourable mentions.

Dishonourable Mentions

Rambo The Video Game (PS3/XBox 360/PC) Teyon

Raven's Cry (PC) Reality Pump Studios

Umbrella Corps (PS4/PC) Capcom

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 (PS4/XBox One/PS3/360)

The Slaughtering Grounds (PC) Imminent Uprising/Digital Homicide Studios

Amy (PS3/XBox 360) VectorCell

Vroom In the Night Sky (Nintendo Switch) Poisoft

Rugby World Cup 2015 (PS3/PS4/PC/360/XBox One/PSVita) HB Studios

Double Dragon II Wander of the Dragon (XBLA) GRAVITY

Super Seducer How to Date Girls (PC) RLR Training Inc/Fair Play Labs

Star Wars Kinect (Xbox 360) Terminal Reality

Bubsy The Woolies Strikes Back (PS4/PC) Black Forest Games

Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn (PS4/PC/XBox One/Switch/iOS) Saber Interactive

The Quiet Man (PS4/PC) Human Head Studios/Square Enix

Metal Gear Survive (PS4/XBox One/PC) Konami

Hunt Down The Freeman (PC) Royal Rudius Entertainment

Road Rage (PS4/XBox One/PC) Team 6 Studios

Steel Battalion Heavy Armour (Xbox 360) FromSoftware/Capcom

Life of Black Tiger (iOS) 1Games

1: The Entire Final Fantasy Franchise

Developer: Square Enix

That's right, guys and it's about time for this once beloved series to face the reality for they have done this past decade because Square Enix has not only released complete and utter bad games as well as unleashing big and massive disappointments that were not worth all of the hype ruining the franchise and all that begun with Final Fantasy XIII. Final Fantasy XIII showcased a female lead Lightning and the videos at E3 2006 showed off battles that made it promising only that years later we ended up getting a strictly linear game with the worst cast of characters especially Lightning herself who is completely annoying and stupid and the battle system was utterly boring and was just unfair. It also got two sequels that no one wanted especially Lightning Returns which was no doubt worse in the whole trilogy. Final Fantasy XIV tried to copy XI way too much and was too archaic, it had bad quest design, annoying sounds, the storyline and dialogue were atrocious and it was released in an unfinished state with the amount of bugs it had on offer. It was so bad and so disappointing that Square Enix killed the whole game off and rebuilt it from scratch, even then it had some bad quest design and launch day problems which some users couldn't log in to play it and don't get me started on the Macintosh version where it was unplayable that it had to be removed. Final Fantasy XV went through a long 10 year hype and what everyone got was a unrefined mess that had a terrible storyline with uninspired characters and Gladiolus is a complete jerk who is at times horribly annoying. What ended up happening was the XV Universe which ended up being milked to death with additional character episodes which added more convoluted nonsense to a storyline which was already poor from the start, a broken multiplayer expansion with Comrades and also a stupid VR game. It doesn't end there though, Square Enix ended up milking the entire franchise in ways that was unforgiveable. Final Fantasy All the Bravest although not released in Europe (Thank God) was a money making app made to take as much money possible from Final Fantasy fans. A single hit kills a single party member and it takes 3 minutes for them to revive which means you have to wait an hour and a half for everyone to be revived or you can spend some money to revive everyone instantly. Every single character can be purchased with money but purchases were random so you might end up with a different character that you wouldn't want or a pig or whatever and the fact that it even costs money to purchase the game beforehand is complete and utter dumb. Lastly Dissidia Final Fantasy NT was a complete and utter mess of a fighting game with bad 3 on 3 gameplay that was too chaotic, bad controls and lock on mechanics, it lacks the RPG elements of the PSP games, the content was lackluster and lastly the storyline was atrocious and it reads like terrible fanfiction. They even had the audacity to release a so called Free Edition and all that did was to limit the game to just the multiplayer which can be either online or offline and you had only 4 characters to play as which changes every week unless you bought the DLC which works for the proper game anyway making the Free Edition utterly pointless when the actual game was released for a whole year. There were also really bad iOS and PS4 re-releases of classic Final Fantasy games that got released with easy access to cheats that shouldn't be in the game and quality and performance equal that of the PC versions and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on PC had a very messed up launch were it even restart with the incorrect soundtrack, it was not upscaled to widescreen and VIII was a poor game in the series it's Remastered is worse then the next gen ports. iOS ports of Final Fantasy V and VI were worse as they had redrawn artstyle and they looked horrible to the originals. I have never seen a franchise downfall as big as Final Fantasy and mostly everything that Square Enix has released with the Final Fantasy name has disgraced the franchise and it is still continuing to hurt the fanbase really hard. Now we have Final Fantasy VII Remake with it going into an Action RPG and being split into multiple parts is just showing that Square Enix can't really get their act together anymore. Unless something is done to stop the downfall from going down even further then this once beloved series is likely to have to it's real Final Fantasy.

There were so many terrible games out there that I wouldn't know it existed so please tell me in the comments what other games were bad in the last decade. Hope this new decade will have much better games then the ones we got.

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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#1 Lembu90
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Anthony Hayball aka AQWBlaZer91 you are my hero for hating Left Alive as I do.

As for recent Final Fantasy series, all I can think is executive meddling. They let their own executives meddled with the development of the games, turning into fiasco that we see today.