AQWBlaZer91's Top 10 Countdown: The Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of the Decade

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The games of 2010 – 2019 where amazing but however there were plenty of games that did not live up to the potential and ended up being complete disappointments. So now here I am going to be talking about the Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of the past Decade. Now look, none of the following games on this list are in anyway bad but they didn't live up to the hype, promise and ended up being very disappointing. Here are some of the biggest disappoints of the past decade alongside other honourable mentions.

10: Shenmue III

Platform: PlayStation 4/PC

Developer: Ys Net

18 it has been since Shenmue II and gamers really wanted a third game in this cult classic series. A kick starter then happened and then the PC version ended up getting in massive trouble with PC players when Deep Sliver announced that the PC version would be an Epic Game Store exclusive which angered gamers and demanded refunds. You would think that after all that Shenmue III should have turned out to be a half decent game but instead it isn't. Shenmue III relied on the dated mechanics and controls on the previous Shenmue titles without ever modernising itself in any fashion. Truly a massive shame for a Dreamcast classic series.

9: The Order 1886

Platform: PlayStation 4

Developer: Ready At Dawn

If there was one thing to be taken about The Order 1886 was that it showed what the PlayStation 4's graphics were really capable of and it was incredible. Outside of the presentation however The Order was a massive letdown. All the gameplay offered where plenty of walking and lastly standard Third Person Shooter elements that didn't amaze anyone. Quite sad really because the altered setting looked incredible and we were looking forward to taking on some werewolfs.

8: Call of Duty Ghosts

Platform: PS3/PS4/360/XBox One/PC/Wii U

Developer: Infinity Ward

So anybody would say that a Call of Duty game would not be fitting for this list cause we always get a call of duty game every single year but it was not without the hype that Call of Duty Ghosts at least had when announced. It promised to be the next gen Call of Duty that would showcase the next gen consoles graphics but however it looked nothing better then the first ever Modern Warfare game. The Campaign was boring with terrible characters and storyline, the new multiplayer mode Invasion was forgettable and everything else was just disappointing Call of Duty stables without it doing really anything new. The Call of Duty franchise may have some disappointing and a truly bad game but none are as disappointing as Call of Duty Ghosts.

7: Battleborn

Platform: PlayStation 4/XBox One/PC

Developer: Gearbox Software

Battleborn looked like it was going to have a lot going for it. After working with the Borderlands games Gearbox's next project was going to be a Hero Shooter and the amount of characters on offer looked so cool. The game has decent gameplay mechanics and some of the multiplayer content was okay so then what happened. It didn't have much to offer and it was overshadowed by Blizzard's Overwatch, it had it's share of microtransactions and within a month the player base dropped so fast and it died out very quickly. Such a shame as well cause the gameplay is half decent and other aspects of it aren't all that bad. Although the game did have server troubles which made the game difficult especially when you spend a fair amount of time in matches and nothing saves after all that meaning that you did all that progress for nothing.

6: RWBY Grimm Eclipse

Platform: PC/PS4/XBox One

Developer: Rooster Teeth Productions

Roster Teeth's fantastic anime series was amazing and had a lot of character and personality and the fairy tail theme that they went for was excellent, the fight scenes were amazing and it had some of the best humour that made it so original. So when a video game of this series was announced many people had the right to be excited for it and then it was released and it become a disappointment. The whole game lasted about 2 hours and it suffered from ridiculous AI, shallow and repetitive combat that lacked the feeling of the show and the whole game runs worse on consoles. Ruby and her friends did later get better treatment when they were brought to BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.

5: Mighty No 9

Platform: PS3/PS4/360/Xbox One/Wii U/PC

Developer: Comcept

Mighty No 9 had plenty of promise and after the 3 million dollar money kickstarter we were going get a successor to the Mega Man games. What we ended up getting was a mess, the game received delays and Comcept tried to announced another kickstarter project leading to a lot of angry loyalists and the shattered consumer trust. The game did so bad and the there were a lot of bad things such as the bad design, bad levels, bad characters, bad graphics, bad writing and story and the voice acting...oh lord the voice acting. This is one of those instances where you have to wonder what happened? It was supposed to be good and it could have sequels and even maybe a cartoon show but instead it caused betrayal and distrust between critics and gamers alike.

4: Mass Effect Andromeda

Platform: PS4/XBox One/PC

Developer: Bioware

Okay sure Mass Effect 3's Ending is something that gamers can't get over but that is nothing compared to the what happened with Mass Effect Andromeda. EA forced Bioware to push the engine of the game to the limit but it ended up causing a lot of issues on top of that the game suffered badly by going into openworld game. All of the finely tuned narrative and tense combat encounters was lost in place of having to move from one empty environment to the next. It lacked the elements that made the other games in the series namely Mass Effect I & II so good and of course it had it's share of bugs and glitches. These included hilarious bugged walking animations and the optimization was just terrible.

3: Resident Evil 6

Platform: PS3/PS4/360/XBox One/PC/Switch

Developer: Capcom

Capcom's Resident Evil 4 changed the series to go the action game route and true it would start the downhill of the series and 5 was mostly just a copy of RE4 but with coop elements they were still great games, that all changed with Resident Evil 6. It had a lot of stuff on offer and it had excellent presentation however it was a Resident Evil game that tried to appeal to everyone. It had 4 campaigns but the storyline was written so bad that everything becomes a complete mess and the game threw away the survival horror aspect and it became a complete action game loaded with cheap and predicable thrills.

2: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Platform: PlayStation 3/PlayStation Vita

Developer: SuperBot Entertainment/Bluepoint Games/SCE Santa Monica Studio

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale had something that PlayStation gaming audiances could have looked forward to as the game was going to be their answer to the Smash Bros series. It had popular PlayStation mascots like Nathan Drake, Sir Daniel Fortesque, Parappa and a few others into the game but that didn't save the game at all. The content was lacklustre, only few cutscenes in the campaign which looked pretty bad and the combat system relied on the Super Move meter which you had to build up in order to defeat enemies. It was simply nothing more then a cheap way to jump onto Nintendo's Smash Bros craze but did everything wrong that is a shame cause it could have done fine. Also why couldn't Crash, Spyro and Lara Croft be in the game as well.

Honourable Mentions

No Man's Sky (PlayStation 4/PC) Hello Games

Crackdown 3 (Xbox One) Sumo Digital

Marvel VS Capcom Infinite (PS4/XBox One/PC) Capcom

Star Fox Zero (Nintendo Wii U) Platinum Games

Metroid Other M (Nintendo Wii) Team Ninja/Nintendo

Tales of the Rays (iOS) Bandai Namco Entertainment

Dynesty Warriors 9 (PS4/XBox One/PC) Omega Force

Crash Team Racing Nitro Refueled (PS4/XBox One/Switch) Beenox

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (Nintendo Switch) Team Ninja

Aliens Colonial Marines (PlayStation 3/XBox 360/PC) Gearbox Software

PlayStation Classic

1: Star Wars Battlefront II

Platform: PlayStation 4/XBox One/PC

Developer: DICE/EA

EA and DICE had a lot to live up to with them rebooting the Start Wars Battlefront series and with Star Wars Battlefront (2015) it lacked content to it leaving fans like myself disappointed. It was then that they going to make a sequel this time with a Single Player Campaign and more content to it then hope was rekindled. However hope cannot save the game from the issues and controversy. The Single Player was unenjoyable and boring and the storyline was completely terrible. The real issue really was that the game was designed around loot crates, you had to upgrade your troopers, vehicles, star fighters and heroes by purchasing crates either with in game credits and materials or by purchasing loot crates with real money. You could possibly spend over £100 on the loot crates and get a ton of star card upgrades which would give you the high ground against players online. Because of this system however it made matches unfair because players would have their characters upgraded and they would have an advantage over you. It would take forever to upgrade without forking over some cash for loot crates and also each purchase was random so there were chances that you might get the upgrades that you want or even a chance that you'll just end up getting just a worthless Victory Pose or a Duplicate Card, it was gambling at it's worst. You even had the heroes like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker to purchase so that you can use them in the online multiplayer and it would take hours as well to just unlock one of them. When the game originally launched Darth Vader used to cost 60000 credits, yes and that was just to unlock Darth Vader. This system got so much backlash from critics, fans and journalists that EA removed the loot crate system entirely, the progression system was changed for a experience system instead but even then you'll still have a massive disadvantage because other players have the upgrades which will result in them beating you easily. Sure EA improved the game much later alongside changing the upgrade systems, they added in more maps, more heroes and somewhat improved the balancing plus I do find myself returning every single day to play it cause I do want all of the heroes and all of their abilities unlocked and upgraded plus I do have fun with the game at times. There is so much hidden behind the greedy manipulated practices of EA and even after all of the updates and patches EA still tries to defend the loot crates saying that they are a surprise mechanic like really EA? Even the comment on Reddit saying that their system was a way that players can have a pride and accomplishment as way of defending it leading to it being one of the most hated comments on Raddit leading this to be my pick for the most disappointing game of the past decade.

What other games of the past decade left you disappointed? Oh you wonder why Final Fantasy XIII or XV is not on this list? Well stay tuned for the Worst Games of the Decade coming soon.

Written By Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)