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I just watched the Game Awards 2019 and thought it was okay. I was disappointed that there was no Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character announcement like with what happened last year. I did see announcement of the new XBox Console and it was aright. I did also see the Final Fantasy VII Remake and I yelled out. Oh come on they are really hyping that game way too much now. Yes it's the game everyone is looking forward too but come on stop with the trailer announcements already and clam the **** down guys. Some of the PlayStation game announcements were good with Ghosts of Tsushima and Godfall being the game I am most interested in. I was pleased with most of the picks of the Game of the Year Awards and I am most that Devil May Cry 5, Apex Legends and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice got awards. Even Death Stranding got awarded well and Kojima should be proud, it was amazing after all.

So overall it was a decent show but I was overly disappointed that there was no Smash Bros Ultimate DLC announcement. I seriously hope that soon we will see the announcement of the fifth and final character of the Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters Pass. There are a ton of predictions coming out for what it could be but I want to ignore rumors and blog posts until Nintendo makes the announcement of who the final Fighters Pass character.I didn't want to write a full blog about the Game Awards because I want the energy to work on other projects and I already talked briefly about the PlayStation State of Play on my previous blog.