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Next we move on to Bethesda with their latest conference at E3. Now Bethesda has had quite a rocky foundation when it comes to games being released in a very unoptimized and unfinished state that Bethesda would end up trying to fix up much later after a game release. Well at least the partnership with industry giant ID Software still remains strong with many of the games they have been working with them. Here I will talk about Bethesda has announced at their E3 showing and then give my final thoughts on it.

New Content for The Elder Scrolls Blades and Switch Release

The Conference starts off with Tom Howard talking briefly about their iOS releases which have been gaining plenty of popularity. Afterwards Craig Lafferty and Matt Carofano came up onto the stage and talk about the new content for the new Elder Scrolls game they released. A new update has been made which will add a new Solo Battle Arena, Custom Jewellery System and a new Dragon Questline and it is available now to download for free. Also announced is a Nintendo Switch port which allows you to play on your console or on the go. Your progress can be carried over from the iOS to the Nintendo Switch which is sweet.

New Content for Fallout 76

After that came Tom Mustaine and Jeff Gardiner who came onto the stage to talk about new content for Fallout 76. The game had a disastrous launch and was filled with more bugs and glitches then any of the previous games in the series, all the game is that it was just Fallout 4 just that it is an Online Multiplayer game and was very empty. Now Bethesda wanting to spend time to fix the game add more content to the game that I think they should have had from the beginning. The update called Wastelanders is going to add NPC's each with their own storyline and quests that you can do with other players online and each of them have different choices and consequences as well as new weapons and other gear. There is also a Battle Royale style game called Nuclear Winter was is also coming to the game as well. All of the content is going to be released in the Fall of 2019 and from 10 June to 17 June players can take part in a Free Trial week to see what is to come. Aren't really looking forward to the Battle Royale mode coming to the game to be honest with all of you.

Ghostwire Tokyo

Survival Horror Legend Shinji Mikami appears on screen to about his latest game with Tango Gameworks called Ghostwire Tokyo. He invites Ikumi Nakamura onto the stage who then shows off a sneak peek trailer about the game. The trailer showcased what the storyline is going to be like and so far it is very Ghostly and it is very good. It didn't show any gameplay nor did it show a possible release date.

The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr and Dragonhold

Bethesda has really been updating The Elder Scrolls Online quite a lot and recently just before the show they released Elsweyr update which involves a ton of Dragons, yep Bethesda really has a thing going on with Dragons. The storyline had some returning characters and also some really enjoyable quests, they showcased a quick trailer showing Elsweyr off and lastly said there is another storyline coming out called Dragonhold which is going to involve more dragons.

Commander Keen

Kira Schlitt then came up onto the stage to talk about the next game which in name should be a blast from the blast for PC players Commander Keen. What she showed to everyone was a recipe for massive disappointment, rather then rebooting the series with a challenging platformer which would give plenty of nostalgia we were given a Mobile game with lame touch controls. What a way to tarnish a old school platforming masterpiece Bethesda and ID Software should be ashamed of itself to allow such incompetence to Keen's good platforming name.

The Elder Scrolls Legends

Just when we thought we had enough Dragons to deal with we get another Elder Scrolls announcement which is a mobile card game which you can download free now.

Rage 2 Insanity Rules

Rage 2 came out recently and it has gotten plenty of praise but there was plenty that the game could have improved quite a bit on. Insanity Rules it going to add more stuff to the game including new enemy faction, new ways to kill enemies and so on. It is going to help expand the game quite a bit and hopefully become a much better game.

Wolfenstein Cyberpilot and Youngblood

Two Wolfenstein games that were announced last year and Bethesda gets to talk a little about each of the two. Cyberpilot is a VR game where you are hacker for the French Resistance using planes against the Nazis. Youngblood follows after the last game The New Colossus where BJ Blazkowicz has gone missing and his twin daughters have to go and find him. It will be a co-operative experience but with the option to go solo with the AI. The Wolfenstein games we have gotten so far have been really incredible so we can hope Youngblood takes the Wolfenstein gameplay to new heights.


Next up Dinga Bakaba and Sebastien Mitton from Arkane Studios come up to the stage to talk about the next game which is a First Person Action Adventure game. It focuses on two deadly rivals who are really out against each other. The trailer didn't show any gameplay but however the storyline looked pretty sick.


Next announcement is a cloud streaming service for iOS devices which allows you stream your games where ever you are, even if your family is sucking up all of the bandwith. You can experience cloud streaming by signing up on the Slayers Club to experience Doom (2016) being steamed on Orion Steaming Technology at full 60 FPS. Showcasing it looks really incredible so that means it is possible to stream maximum game engines anywhere and while we are on the subject of Doom....

Doom Eternal

Holy Jesus **** what a way to end the conference. Also previously announced last year and something that has gotten quite a few sneak peek showings for a while Doom Eternal looks to surpass Doom (2016) in so many ways, I already saw videos of gameplay at Quakecon and so on but the latest announcements showed off more gameplay, more ultra gory Glory Kills, more Demons, more Guns and so much more. Everything about the game design is incredible from the environment to the enemies this game offers so many different ways that you can handle each challenging obstacle. They finally got to talk about the Online Multiplayer and boy it is different from the last game, it is called Battlemode where it has two demon players going against a fully loaded Doom Slayer Player. This mode looks really incredible and I can't wait to see more about it soon. Lastly we finally have a release date for it, it is confirmed for a 22nd November release so now the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare game can start running for it's money cause Doom Slayer is coming back to kick some Demon *** this year.

What did I think about Bethesda's E3 Conference?

It was a great conference of announcements, it started out well and then the mobile announcements became underwhelming but then the announcements at the end got awesome.

What did I like about Bethesda's E3 Conference?

Some of the announcements I liked where the new content for Elder Scrolls Online which looked pretty good, Wolfenstein Youngblood's announcement was pretty cool. The announcement I liked the most was Doom Eternal which I wanted to hear announcements and words about the online Multiplayer and when the game will be released.

What didn't I like Bethesda's E3 Conference?

The amount of Mobile Game announcements were ridiculous but the worst announcement was the Commander Keen Mobile Game which next to the Command & Conquer Mobile Game was hands down the worst way to revive a classic game franchise. Bethesda should really be ashamed for how they are rebooting Keen.

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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Bethesda was shockingly bad this year, heavily relying on id Software and Tango GamesWork for creditability. Todd Howard himself just came across as a douche.

Fall Out 76 was complete damage control after the lies and false advertising last year. Acting as though the fanbase are entitled idiots certainly didn't go well with most.

The fake crowd cheering every dumb line as well was just as annoying as the EA guy with a caffeine issue.

Shame we've known about D00M Eternal for a long time now so really didn't even need a showing on stage. Just a demo booth.

As for GhostWire Tokyo, we honestly know nothing. Unlike TEW and TEW2 no gameplay footage was shown at the reveal, very disappointing. Also worth of note this is not Shinji Mikami sans game, much like The Evil Within 2 he no longer fills the director seat. As he prefers to be a hands-on programmer. GhostWire Tokyo is Ikumi Nakamura chans project. Previously creative lead is now director for this project.

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@RSM-HQ: And what's disgusting about what happened with Fallout 76's new content is that fans applauded there was content that should have been in the game to begin with. Plus they were pleased with a new Battle Royale mode. Try and rap your head around that.

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@AQWBlaZer91: I think either the crowd was paid like EAs was reported to be, or it had staff in the crowd rallying people to cheer.

While I think both Fall Out and certainly TES fans still exist. Company reputation is at an all time low.