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I have a couple of things to say, recently I wanted to take a break from RPGs after a complete lengthy struggle with Final Fantasy games and spending too much time with RPGs, after reviewing Crystar on the PS4 I thought I should take time off RPGs and do some First Person Shooters instead because plenty of those games don't take long and have very rewarding trophies to unlock. Recently I uploaded reviews of Star Wars Battlefront (2004) on the original XBox and Call of Duty Classic on the PS3. I am close to obtaining the Platinum Trophy for Call of Duty Classic just that I have to beat the game on Veteran and I have gone through nearly most of the American missions before moving onto the British Missions. I have also started Call of Duty World at War which is one of my personal favourite Call of Duty games of all time on Veteran mode and I just beat only the first mission just to get a taste of how ultimately insane and brutal Veteran difficulty is, and I have finished the two games on the other difficulties. Playing through the original Call of Duty on Veteran Difficulty is going to be the ultimate interpretation of hell because of not only the old health system but there no Health Kits on Veteran Difficulty and you have to almost go through the stages without taking any damage especially when I get to the hold out missions in the British and Russian campaigns. I also plan on reviewing Brink on the PS3 as I finished both the Resistance and Security sides on the Hardest Difficulty and got the Platinum Trophy which was challenging but was so worth the effort. It does show that some of my FPS skills on a controller is getting a lot better thanks to the BigBen Interactive Wireless Controller I have for the PS3 and my reactions are getting better as well. I do want to get good at First Person Shooters and play even the oldest of First Person Shooters with a controller instead of a Keyboard and Mouse to improve my reflexes so that I stand a much better chance against players online on consoles.

Now let's talk about my current plans, alongside Brink on PS3 I also want to do a game called Bouncy Bullets which I have on PS4 and PSVita and also review it. It's an easy platinum trophy from what I have seen and a couple of Easy Platinums and thankfully the PS4 and PSVita have separate trophy lists so these should be easy Platinum Trophies for me. I do also want to take time to work on a new Top Ten List as I haven't worked on one in a while and the one I want to do a Top Ten List on is one that has caught my eye when watching some videos online and I want to do my own list about it. Eventually by Christmas Time I am going to do the Game Of The Year Top Ten Lists where I talk about the Top Ten Best, Most Disappointing and Worst Games of 2019. I should have plenty of motivation to work on these and have them done before the end of the year.

Do not expect me to work on another RPG until maybe the start of January 2020, but if I ever do another RPG before the end of the year I will try to finish it as quickly as I possibly can but I will not talk about it till I release a review of it. So these are my current plans for December and I look forward to working on these projects soon enough. I do more plans along the way but I just want to focus some reviews and the Game Of The Year stuff before I overload myself. Please look forward to the upcoming reviews I have planned out.

Also I want to talk about the December PlayStation State of Play that was shown yesterday and I really enjoyed it. We got to see a PS4 port announcement of Untitled Goose Game, the Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC, Babylon's Fall, Predator Hunting Grounds but the best announcement that we got to see was the announcement for Resident Evil 3 Remaster and oh my god it looks incredible. Capcom is really on the raise this time and I can expect it to be really amazing.

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