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Hello it is me Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91) back once again after a long playthrough session that was Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age on PS4. That game took a very long time to beat and I strongly apologize for not releasing any new content on my channel but note that I had to focus on getting it complete but somehow it managed to take longer then I expected but I was willing to do it because I promised myself that I would play through the game and unlock all the trophies. I have done that now and it took me from the 20th August till 24th November to finish the game and get that Platinum and what I suffered through was torture. If I was willing to continue onwards with a game I am currently playing and all the time in the world I need to finish then I am more then happy to do that but I do understand that there many other games I need to work on as well as other projects like the Top Ten Lists that I need to do as well. I know also that because some games have a ton of optional content and I do not have to do if I have to but I do feel like doing them regardless if they take too long. I sometimes do optional content to see what they are like so that I feel that is the game is more complete for me.

This is to let you all know that I have finished FFXII The Zodiac Age and I can now focus on the current projects at hand to make up for the absence. Here are the current plans that are now on going. This is to say that I am sorry for the long absence and I hope to return to getting the next game review done and also the next Top Ten Lists.

  1. Final Fantasy XII (PS4) Game Review

  2. Top 10 Best Games of 2007

  3. Top 10 Worst Games of 2007

  4. Top 10 Worst Games of 1997

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Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)

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