AQWBlaZer91 Channel Blog: 14/06/2021 – Summer Game Fest 2021 Thoughts & Opinions

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So now I have not decided to watch the 2021 E3 reveal and see what all of the big new announcements of upcoming games and new information of previously announced games and give my thoughts and opinions on them. I tried my hardest to avoid watching and seeing blog posts that would have spoiled what new announcements until I've seen the full streams of the game announcements. So, starting off is the Summer Game Fest 2021.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

First up to kick off the announcements is from the creators of the Borderlands series Tiny Tina's Wonderlands which is going to be a loot shooter like Borderlands but in a fantasy setting. Ashley Burch also came onto the stage to talk a bit of the game but gave little information on it. Is confirmed for a Early 2022 release.

Metal Slug Tactics

SNK's Metal Slug series returns as a tactical strategy game and it has rougelike elements to it. It does have the presentation of the Neo-Geo games which is cool and I do like the anime look as well. No release date announced for it currently.

Death Stranding Director's Cut

The host of the show got a chance to speak with famous game director Hideo Kojima about the state he's in and how he and Tokyo are doing. He did give a quick announcement of Death Stranding Director's Cut which is coming to the PlayStation 5.

Jurassic World Evolution 2

Another guest appears and it was Jeff Goldblum who reveals Jurassic World Evolution 2 which is a sequel to the successful Jurassic World Evolution. Nothing else was really revealed aside from the presentation which looks pretty decent. Is coming out sometime in 2021 though.


We then got a musical performance by Japanese Breakfast for their track Glider for the game SABLE. The game does look very beautiful but the animations do look rather janky and unsmooth. Is confirmed for a release on 23rd September 2021 on PC and Xbox Consoles.

Lost Ark

Free to play Korean MMO RPG Lost Ark is finally making its way to the western countries in the fall of 2021. The gameplay shown in the trailer does look pretty good.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season 4

Next to be showed was a season 4 for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War which shows that more content to the game. Johanna Faries appeared on the stage to explain about, it has new content like new operators and new maps for Cold War and Warzone.

Free Guy

Ryan Reynolds appears to talk about and reveal a movie called Free Guy where it recalls various video games and it comes out on August 13th. But it's a rather odd movie and really something that should have been announced somewhere else than here.

New Content for Among Us

A short reveal trailer came after showing new content that is coming to Among Us like new hats.

Chicory: A Colourful Tale

Shuhei Yoshida comes up next to announce some upcoming Indie games. First, he talks about is Chicory: A Colourful Tale which is an adventure RPG game with very colourful graphics. Is released on PC and PlayStation 4 & 5 now.

Salt and Sacrifice

Another game announced from Shuhei Yoshida is Salt and Sacrifice which carries the souls/bourne gameplay of Salt and Sanctuary and this game is going to have online play.

Solar Ash

Next was a game that was previously announced I believe called Solar Ash which was from Heart Machine. So far it still looks really good but however still no accurate release date currently planned.

Chivalry II

Next up was Chivalry II which is a sequel to Chivalry which was a multiplayer game that focused on medieval combat. Does look pretty good in the way you get to use all kinds of medieval weapons in combats from Swords to Sledgehammers. Is released now.


The Hero Based Shooter Varlorant is coming to Prime Gaming and we got a short couple of seconds trailer showing a new character but we didn't get to see what it was and nothing else was announced.

Escape from Tarkov: Streets of Tarkov Map

The multiplayer PC FPS Escape from Tarkov is getting a brand-new map which takes place in the Streets of Tarkov. The map looks nice and all but nothing really else was shown about it and or anything about the game so what a waste of an announcement.

Two Point Campus

Now we move to another game and it's called Two Point Campus where you get to build your own dream university and it's pretty cool. No release date announced but is planned for PS4/PS5, XBox and PC.

Smite X Stranger Things Crossover

Smite recently did a crossover with Avatar Airbender and now we got a crossover with Stranger Things. Seems cool enough and it is coming out on 13th July.


Koch Media revealed a new publishing label called Prime Matter and announced a ton of games but the one that caught my attention is an announcement of a new Painkiller game which I think will be cool. So far nothing else was revealed.

The Anacrusis

Next is a four-player co-op First Person Shooter called The Anacrusis where it makes use of different perks that change the game in different ways. It's coming out only for XBox Consoles and PC but no release date announced yet.

New World

Amazon Games announce their next game which is New World and it is an MMO RPG. After what happened with Crucible, I don't know how New World is going to do to fix the damage the other game did. It's planed for release on 31st August this year on PC.

Rocket League X Fast & Furious Crossover

Now we get another crossover announcement for Rocket League where they announced a crossover with Fast & Furious where cars from the Fast & Furious movies will be in Rocket League. They will be released on 17th June.

Vampire the Masquerade Blood Hunt

Next up was a Free to Play Battle Royale game with Vampire the Masquerade Blood Hunt which is set in the Vampire the Masquerade universe. It does look aright. It doesn't have a final release date but you can sign up for a closed alpha.

Dark Pictures: The House of Ashes

Here is the previously announced game from Supermassive the developers of Until Dawn with the third game in the Dark Pictures universe. I ain't looking forward to this one after the disappointment with the previous games.

Tales of Arise

Okay here we go, the game I've been waiting for this year, new information regarding Tales of Arise and it already has a release date for 10th September this year. There is going to be day and night cycle and also, they announced even more playable characters that are going to be added. So far I've enjoyed all of the announcements of this game and the battle system looks amazing. Can't wait to play this game when it comes out.

Sky Children of the Light (Nintendo Switch)

Sky Children of the Light a game that was released previously on iOS and android devices is coming to the Nintendo Switch on 29th June 2021.

Overwatch 2

Finally, some information on Blizzard's Hero Shooter Overwatch which is getting as sequel. Aaron Keller appeared to talk about two of the characters announced for it Baptiste & Sombra. They sadly never talked about any of the gameplay or anything else.

Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance

Next was a new entry in the long running Dungeons & Dragons franchise Dark Alliance with some gameplay reveal with WWE's Ember Moon and other stars playing the game. It looks great so far and it has a release date for 22nd June 2021 for both current and next gen consoles.

Paladins: Champions of the Realm - gen:LOCK

There are new characters revealed for Paladins called Yasamin, Cammie, Kazu and Valentina and some of them are pretty good. They are going to be released in July 2021.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

A game that was already announced previously on Nintendo Direct and we already know what the game is but no other kind of new information was announced for the game. We already know the release date which is 9th July 2021.

Wave Break

Next announcement was a new game accompanied by Weezer Tell me what you Want. The game is Wave Break and it is a skate boarding game inspired by skateboarding games. It's now available to play.

Endless Dungeon

Next was another previously announced game at the 2020 Game Awards called Endless Dungeon. It's a rougelike tactical action game from SEGA and Aptitude and it does look pretty decent. They didn't announce a release date for it.

Fall Guys X Nier Automata

Another crossover announcement comes as Nier Automata themed outfits are going to be in Fall Guys so your Fall Guy can dress up as 2B. It's coming out on 18th June.

Genshin Impact Kaesehara Kazuha

Last year's popular game Genshin Impact is getting more and more updates with the trailer showcased revealing another new character Kaesehara Kazuha who is available to play now.

Back 4 Blood

Yet another previously announced game was Back 4 Blood; the new trailer didn't show anything remotely new but it did announce a pre-order that you can make which would give you access to the beta on 5th August.


Next to be shown was Tunic was is an isometric adventure game where you play as a small fox where you explore dungeons, fight enemies and also solve puzzles to progress. Does look rather cute and beautiful. No release date was shown.

Tribes of Midgard

Another game to be revealed was Tribes of Midgard which is a 4 player coop survival hack and slash RPG and you can play this game solo. Is planned for release on 27th July 2021 for PS4/PS5 and Steam.

Evil Dead the Game

Previously announced at the 2020 Game Awards was Evil Dead the Game which is going to be a multiplayer focused game. Bruce Campbell is returning to reprise his role as Ash Williams and you do get to play as other human characters as well as being able to play as a demon......GROOVY!

Elden Ring

Here it is the game everyone wanted to hear from and it's FromSoftware's Elden Ring which got a brand-new trailer and it looks unbelievably amazing. A release date has been confirmed for 21st January 2022. A fantastic way to end off the Summer Fest 2021 Kick Off session.

Summer Fest 2021 Day of the Devs

After the main show there was the Day of the Devs where it focuses on a few indie titles. Some of the stand out games for me are Vokabulantis because of the stop motion graphics style that looks cool, Road 96 for its narrative driven storyline, Demolition Robots KK which is like the arcade game Rampage where you destroy buildings in four player actions, but it's with robots and lastly Death's Door where you play as a Crow who has to track down a thief who has stolen a soul that you were meant to get.

What did I like about the Summer Fest 2021 Showcase?

I enjoyed the announcements of Tales of Arise's new characters, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, Elder Ring, some of the indie games shown, Evil Dead the Game getting another trailer and lastly word about the new Painkiller game.

What I didn't like about the Summer Fest 2021 Showcase?

There were plenty of games that were previously announced but without any additional information like House of Ashes, Monster Hunter Stories 2 and Solar Ash given to them. The worst announcement was Free Guy which honestly looked rather ridiculous and didn't really needed to be announced here.

Written by Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)