Anyway to improve the picture with my PS2 slim and LCD tv ???

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Im just wondering if there is anyway i can improve the picture i get on my 30" LCD HDTV ? I just got a PS2 slim yesturday for some metal gear and final fantasy and the picture i get is somewhat lacking. Im using AV cables, is there some other type of cables i can buy to improve the picture ? Any help would be greatly apreciated.

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The best you can get from a PS2 is via component cables, particularly if the game supports 480p widescreen. Many releases in the past few years do.

Even if they don't, component cables will clean up the signal a fair bit from regular composite cables. It'll still be lacking when compared to the 360 or PS3, of course, but it's old tech and you can't really hold that against the PS2.

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+1 to component cables, FTW

+1 to old hardware, not much you can do.

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you want component cables. AV cables aren't made for HD.