Anyone have played Void Bastards yet?

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Is it similar to System Shock2?

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@futurebass: It's pretty addicting and a tiny bit difficult. It's a fun game that my wife happen to have mistaken it for borderlands when she saw me playing it. You jump from point to point and dock your spaceship into other variety of spaceships if you want. Each spaceship on the star map contains different enemies, how many of those enemies are present or maybe not present at all because they are on a lunch break, different materials present at the spaceship maybe a build material or none at all, a benefit may be present or a negative, you may get invaded by space pirates if space pirates follow you to a docking ship. Theres a perma death which I'm pretty sure you are aware of. Every new character that you are given will contain the materials and builds that your old character had made and held before they had died. Also every new character you are given will have a positive status and a negative status effect. You can build weapons, increase resistance and other benefits for your character from the materials that you collect or buy at "Kmart". There's a lot more but I'll stop here and go start up the game. Like I said before it's a fun game and I'm enjoying it so far.

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I played about an hour. I noticed bullets are scarce. It was alright, would need to play more to get a better opinion. I love the style though.

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I've just finished and it's my favourite game in 2019 so far. I think they made an update that let's you play the whole game with just a spoon as a weapon, after you beat the game.