Anyone else like "Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest"

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AVGN is not the spokesman, just to tell that if you have been convinced.

I recommend to try it, its very fun :D

Here is what i liked about the game

- Daylight and night time (Experience)

- Buy stuff and power upgrade your weapon

. Add of realism: Your wounds get healed in a church, instead of getting life back with eating a chicken.

- Fun to hit enemy

Overall, ok. Only thing i couldn't figure out without the net, was the boat to add a heart. I had to go to the internet to figure it out, overall a good game :D

What do you think about the game when you tried it :)

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I loved it as a kid renting it from the Pantry, but I was far too young to recognize/critique it's glaring faults

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Still play it from time to time. Very fun.

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I really prefer Dracula's curse

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If you know where you're going and what to do at some of the more stupid parts, (mainly what to do with the red and blue crystals) then the game is a fun romp and can/will be beaten in under an hour. If you play it for the first time without using a guide or something you're going to have a bad time and probably hate your life

Also, dem boss fights lol.

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AVGN is just joking, I'm pretty sure of that. I mean, he might think less of it than the NES's other two Castlevania games, but you can tell he likes the game.

Anyway, I think the game is awesome. Along with his other hated atrocity, TMNT.

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I'd like to see another epic SoTN type adventure for castlevania. Go back to 2d and just make it look fantastic and clean. That would be fun to see.