Anybody still play call of duty 4 modern warfare??

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So i was cleaning the house and found Cod 4 under the couch!! it must have been there for 3 years at this stage! I dusted it off and opened up the case and to my delight the CD was still inside. Decided to give it a bash on the ps3 for old times sake and played some multiplayer matches. It brought back memories and before i knew it i was addicted to it once again! In my opinion its way better than the new cods out today such as ghosts which sucks for a next gen game, one of those great classics! So do any of you guys still play this game??

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Yep i do:-) Still the best COD game ever IMO. The SP campaign was amazing and the sniping level was great.

Glad to see im not the only one still playing:-)

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That was easily the best COD game. Sadly, I traded that sucker in for my 360 years ago. Could probably pick it up cheap again now, however, I don't have Gold membership so would be pointless.

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Is the multiplayer fixed?

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at certain times the servers get hacked and people floating about the place with aimbot destroying people but 60 percent the time they seem to be ok

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I can't because the PS3 version apparently has some "fatal error".

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I am myself don't play the game anymore just because I don't have Xbox Live Gold anymore.