Anybody else miss old/pre-merge Namco?

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Safe to say, I've been burned out since last generation on JRPGs and typical "dark and gritty" games like Dark Souls and typical first person shooters with the exception of the recent Doom and Wolfenstein. But basically, My patience with Namco Bandai is running thin at this point.

I know they put out Tales of Whatever, I know they put out the DBZ games, I know they put out SAO, But what about the actual IPs they used to put out? Do you know how long I have been waiting for a true Triple-A Pac-Man platform/adventure title? Ghostly Adventures didn't count and I still want my "apology" for that, basically due to how terrible of a reboot it was. What I also worry about is the Pac-Man CE games becoming the "New Super Mario Bros." of the IP simply due to how CEDX I always found inferior to the original 2007 game and CE2 is just sort of a mixed bag. - People got sick of traditional/2D Mario for a very valid reason after all.

I really feel for fans of all these other dead IPs such as Klonoa, Splatterhouse, Dig Dug and whatnot. And considering how Mario and Sonic declined in the "Wii U" era, I really had almost nothing else to rely on but the older games but I can't just keep playing those forever. (Of course Nintendo is thankfully developing Mario Odyssey which is the Triple-A Mario title I could ever hope for.) I get they are still making money, But I can't stand them getting a free pass when they pull off tone deaf crap as bad as Nintendo at times. People left Nintendo during the Wii U era for the lack of many IPs and what people wanted from their main IPs after all. And at worse, I find Namco about as bad as Valve considering they publish Dark Souls but don't have a hand in development. (And mind you while I am not into DS, I don't have anything against From Software themselves but Namco Bandai for being about as lazy as Valve.)

I feel at this point... This company is sadly dead to me, But they are going to still be getting free passes and praises leaving people like me feeling like utter shit. I'm not wasting my money on games I am not going to enjoy, And I'm not even calling Tales or the DBZ fighters bad games. But if I can't enjoy them, Why waste my money? Considering how much they pushed Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures down people's throats, I have absolutely had it with them at this point. I can't be bothered to buy anything unless it uses on of their actual IPs they've been sitting on forever IMO, So far all they've been doing is living off of Nostalgia Arcade ports and crummy mobile games.

It truly sucks this time to be a Pac-Man fan, Once a respectable mascot from the 80's up to the early 2000's with the Pac-Man World games? Now he's seen as the laughing stock of the gaming community, Even moreso than Sonic if you ask me.

Really, It feels bad man.

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@mario123311 said:

It truly sucks this time to be a Pac-Man fan, Once a respectable mascot from the 80's up to the early 2000's with the Pac-Man World games? Now he's seen as the laughing stock of the gaming community, Even moreso than Sonic if you ask me.

Really, It feels bad man.

I don't really get any of your points, for one great Pac-Man games get made even now-

DX is potentially the best Pac-Man since Ms. Pac-Man.

Compared to Sonic the Hedgehogs reputation, I would say Pac-Man is doing amazingly well.

As for the other franchises. You can't really look at Dark Souls, that's not really a Namco developer. From Software goes where any Publisher will help them, and they also have a history with Square Enix, Sony Japan, and Atlus/ SEGA.

You get plenty of IPs from Namco and Bandai Namco, they're just more focused on RPGs as the platforming era is very niche now with few succeeding.

As for Splatterhouse that got a reboot last-gen and failed, I don't see Namco trying that again anytime soon. I got some mild fun out of the game, but wouldn't recommend it.

Only franchises that I feel have let themselves go for the company are Tekken with Tekken 7; being this streamlined pile of garbage after the amazing Tekken Tag Tournament 2. And Soul Calibur V which is much like T7.

And DragonballZ Fighters, again like From, you can't give Namco a pat on the back for Arc System Works. It's like praising SEGA for Platinum, or Square Enix for again, Platinum. They bank on a gold mine because these open mind developers are some of the best in the business.

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Not to sound rude: but again, I find CEDX (IMO) inferior to the 2007 original Championship Edition game, Which had more freedom whereas CEDX is much more linear with the gimmick of eating up large Ghost trains. CE2 is alright IMO, But I ended up enjoying it more than DX. What bugs me though is I'm not getting that "Triple-A" Pac-Man title that most fans are asking for. We already know Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures bombed horribly, But before that we had actual GOOD Pac-Man platformers back up from 1999 to 2005: sure World 3 was more of a mixed bag, but what got a lot of people like me into Pac-Man in that era was Pac-Man World 1 and 2.

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I'm personally worried the CE games are going to become Pac-Man's "New Super Mario Bros." and end up drying the classic formula to the point it's stale. There's kind of a reason people are sick of traditional/2D Mario at this point, Which is why Super Mario Odyssey is being praised and rightfully so. There's a reason people like me are salty at Nintendo petting Fire Emblem as opposed to using their other lesser IPs. Only as of recently have we gotten 2 new Metroid titles. I personally feel JRPGs and "dark and gritty" are the latest trends being over-saturated right now.

I am STARVING for a true Pac-Man World successor or a new Klonoa.

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@mario123311: No worries it's not rude at all. I don't get offended based on gaming preference, we're just writing what we like and dislike, this is what is enjoyable about Gaming dedicated Forums. And I love it when people are open about what they like and dislike, it's conversation worthy_

I like Championship Edition but that's ten years old at this point so just mentioned the newer good Pac-Man games. Personally a huge fan of DX despite it being quite a different game. And from a concept seems repetitive but in game is massively deep and satisfying (for me) not sure if I could agree it being more linear than Champion Edition but I'd have to play both back-to-back to really understand your stance on the games. Personally I liked DX that much more.

Compared to Sonic, that's the only true thing I find amiss. Sonic the Hedgehog, without annoying fans. Has a terrible reputation of some of the worst games around. Would even say Sonic the Hedgehog has the worst reputation of a long running franchise in gaming-history.

I don't really follow Pac-Man 3D games, but they've been making them for decades. The World series, not to be harsh wasn't exactly a big seller for Namco either and got a mixed reaction from what I remember. Namco will just make what they make, and don't see them outruling the classic Pac-Man style anytime soon as it's overall more successful and profitable.

Namco can't really follow Nintendos example because Mario is successful as a 3D platformer and a 2D platformer. This is because Nintendo is for all purposes focused on platforming and have some of the best in the business designing/ coding both.

The recent 3D games regardless would take a lot to be worse than Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

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The thing is... Ghostly Adventures pretty much failed on all fronts. Sonic Boom at the very least had a decent cartoon and the 3DS games seem much more well recieved than what ROL had to offer.

Ghostly Adventures... T' was... pretty cringey. The writing for both media sides of Ghostly Adventures actually made Sonic: Lost Worlds look good in comparison IMO.

Personally tired of "dark and gritty" style games or things such as Tales or Fire Emblem. They just don't interest me, and I can't bring myself to enjoy them. ((I have tried JRPGs several times and just can't have fun with them personally.)) I feel pretty let down considering how weak the Wii U era was for the Mario series and I still have a long wait until Odyssey.

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I haven't bought or even played a Namco game since the PS1 days. Ace Combat 7 will be the first since then.

Nevermind. I forgot they do Ridge Racer. So first time since PS3's launch game.