Any site that make cutom size shelfs. Or reccemend good shelf for consoles and receaver.

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As my collection grows, I need more room. I need a good sturdy shelf the can hold 2 consoles per shelf and enough room and strong enough to hold a receiver also. I am looking for a bunch of shelfs. I also need another shelf to hold one console per shelf with some breathing room. don't got alot of room to work with in this room so.

I wonder if someone makes those cube shelf but shelf like that you can by individualy and stack them.

I have a shelf that is 29 1/2 inch with with 5 shelfs. lucky enough it the hole ones and I made the shelfs spaced out how I want it. It's just the fact it's not really strong. and made with conductive thin metal made for holding household items. THe receiver is going to collapse the metal if I didn't put wood underneath the shelf to support the receiver on the bottom shelf. I want to upgrade this shelf thou. I got it from home depot here in Canada.

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recommend*, custom*, receiver*

Sorry for the spelling mistakes I didn't really prof read before posting.

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1.- a local carpenter

2.- Home Depot / Lowe’s many times have that kind of shelving

3.- Ikea also has the kind of shelving you are talking about.

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here is what I got from searching for "shelf"

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Cool exactly what im looking for. THis is what I found I hope this will work. Is this good? I am going for wired cause I think it will be cooler for the systems, I can always put some sort of pad for the feat of the console if it doesn't rest propally. I haven't made a account so I don't know price. I thank you so much mrbojangles25.

I hope it's strong enough for a receiver and a bunch of old consoles. It should be thou.

Can't decide if 24" is good enough for 2 consoles side by side (comparing the xbox s and ps4 it's 23" right against each other.) ( I guess I should put the sega cd by self or get the smaller sega cd) If it was a inch or 2 wider would of been better. or should I just get 30" which is half a inch wider then the one I have now. Remember I don't have much space to work with and would mean everything is off center like my tv but that is what I am doing now, im used to it.

Are these the polls for it?

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Im making a account and seems that it's for business purposes. WHats that about. It's ok for me to just put some random stuff for business. Lets just say gaming is my business.

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Made a account and found out the the shelfs were 40 bucks or something each. Would be way to much money that I am willing to spend.

Edit: -- the non adjustable one's you get more then one but it will still run me alot of money. I may do it now if it's the best option. But I rather save the money if possible.

Well I found something on amazon.

Do you guys think the shelf them-self are adjustable to fit any space or are they fixed to certain height. If it's not fixed and can put them in any height i was thinking in getting the 3 shelf one also in the same link and take the shelf from that so I have more shelfs. Or I can get the one beside it with wheels that is wider about the same width I am using now and not use the wheels. (I will find something at home depot so it doesn't scratch the floor.

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Well I asked on amazon answers and they said it's sturdy and the shelf's can be in any place the stopper goes so every bump. Seems good to me now which one should I get the wider one with wheels or the one I showed first narrow one?

Wonder if I should wait for boxing day thou.

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Making sure the wall can handle the weight is a good idea, too.