Any other Popolocrois fans here?

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I've mentioned this game in a lot of my posts during my time on this forum...but, I'd like to know because the game isn't all that known. Like the majority of people I only played the PSP game which is a compilation of the first 3 games I believe? I got the PSP game in 2007 just after I received a pre-owned PSP from my cousin. It was all I ever played on that

It's great. Definitely one of my favourites. I just wish they'd translate the original PS1 games to English. It's a shame that it has become a forgotten gem. In the west it doesn't really have much of a following at all. I guess it was popular enough in Japan back in the day.

In terms of difficulty it's not hard at all unfortunately. But, judging by the art-style they definitely tried to make it "kid-friendly." I'd imagine the PS1 games are harder.

Still yet to play the 3DS Story of Seasons game. It looks alright but obviously, it's not traditional Popolocrois.

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Strange, my cousin had that game for PSP and he didn't like it so he gave it to me. I still haven't tried it for some reason.

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My first tactic RPG, at the base I'm really not a fan of games. So graphically beautiful. The scenario and quite addictive, a combat system quite simplistic in itself, lively music. This games and simply sublime.


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@glitch-: One of the things that really turned people off it was the English voice acting during the few Anime-styled cutscenes. I found it bearable though. The voices I thought suited the characters well anyway.