Any other games like Diablo 3 out on consoles or ideal PC set up for TV for Games like this?

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I remember playing Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance on PS2 and loving it too. I have Wolves of Midgard ready to start on PS4 but I was just wondering if any other games like these are out on consoles?

I am primarily a Console Gamer but if you do have PC Games like this to share please do.... However could anyone recommend a PC set up to play Games like this on a TV/sofa. Have a medium to low gaming PC and not very technically savvy but would I just need a HDMI to HDMI Cable from PC to TV. Does it lose any picture quality? compared to a proper monitor (Have a 65" LG 4k OLED TV) Plus a Wireless PC Controller (I have seen Lapboards are they any good for a KB+M set up -can you get a good wireless KB+M set up this way or are USB extension cables always better??)

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Grim Dawn plays pretty well with a controller, it's arguably one of the better isometric action-RPG's (aka "Diablo clone") out there. Titan Quest is the precursor in many ways to Grim Dawn as well, except it deals with various mythologies from around the world; Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, etc. though I have not tried it with a controller.

There's also Path of the Exile, which is free to play and many people seem to enjoy it.

Torchlight 1/2 are fun games, made by former Blizzard employees. You see and hear a lot of similarities, but it's an entirely fresh and original experience. A lot of fun, plus a very active mod community.

As far as lapboards go, yeah it's nice to have M+KB available to you. I use a wireless setup I put down on my coffee table; it's not the most comfortable in the world because I have to hunch over when sitting at the couch and use it, but if I sit on the floor I can maintain a good posture. I recommend a lapboard not because I have experience with one, mostly just because it'd be nice to relax on your couch or whatever as god intended.

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Victor Vran comes to mind.

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PoE is a pretty good game, though it has quite the grind to it. Very similar to diablo in its ARPG elements. If you want to see a comparison video I have one on my youtube channel.

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