Any non garbage MMO's? I need PvP

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#1 Posted by glimpee (25 posts) -

I'm all about fantasy, close up, sword and shield, cool armor, skill based PvP. Mostly skill based and fantasy. But all the MMO's right now REAK. I tried WoW again and its just over simplified, I enjoined DCUO SWTOR GW2 (was a disappointment) The Secret World was alright... But theres not enough PvP where I feel like I'm the victor. The feeling of being better than someone else is really important... Like in dark souls....

If it helps the games I enjoy that arent MMO's are dark souls, dragons dogma, soul calibur 5... and I guess that's kind of it right now...

What would you guys suggest? Im sick of these shitty graphics stand-in-place and see who has better macros combat, Im talking about real action PvP where skill is 100% involved.

Tera was trash btw

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#2 Posted by glimpee (25 posts) -

Also I like Age of Roses and Chivalry sorry ;) They just dont fuel my MMO need for progression and getting cool armor and shit haha

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#3 Posted by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -

i really like the pvp in SWTOR, but i don't know any other than DCUO or WoW other than that

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#4 Posted by Ish_basic (4896 posts) -

@glimpee: Im sick of these shitty graphics stand-in-place and see who has better macros combat, Im talking about real action PvP where skill is 100% involved

This describes pretty much all of MMO pvp. Most MMOs are based on vertical progression, so they almost always boil down to gear and macro checks in PvP. I would recommend another genre before I recommended another MMO to you.

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#5 Edited by glimpee (25 posts) -

@Ish_basic: Well what would you recommend then? Basically I just need skilled PvP combat where I can feel like I have more skill than the other player... Like dark souls haha... Not a fan of FPS though

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#6 Posted by Ish_basic (4896 posts) -

You seem to want a game where you can get progressively better gear, but I've never played an MMO that had that AND balanced PvP. Usually you have to sacrifice one for the other.

As to skill-based PvP in MMOs, I just don't think it exists, unless you're talking MMOFPSs, which I don't get into, so can't comment on. MMORPG-wise, the RPG-part pretty much ensures that build is going to come into play, which typically means rotations. The first Guild Wars was honestly the only ORPG I've ever played with decent structured PvP.

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#7 Edited by XxR3m1xInHDn3D (2365 posts) -

Runescape has the best pvp

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#8 Edited by glimpee (25 posts) -

@Ish_basic: Well the armor itself doesnt really matter just variation in good looking armor haha... If there are any games that are not mmos that fit what I describe, the main goal is PvP... And runescape feels way too turnbased haha I need some action yo

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#9 Edited by Reptylus (1875 posts) -

War of the Roses might be interesting to you. It's basically Battlefield in a medieval setting: Lots of hands-on fighting with swords and shields in a tactical situation.

Taking a look at the MOBA genre (Dota, League of Legends) wouldn't hurt either.

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#10 Posted by glimpee (25 posts) -

@Reptylus: Haha too bad I said I already like war of the roses... and Idk mobas dont have enough long term progression... and Im not a huge fan of the sky view but I do play them sometimes

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#11 Posted by unknown37 (5134 posts) -

This may not be what you'd expect, but if you wait for Dark Souls II that'd be a pretty good decision. Dark Souls (at least while played online) has essentially become a PVP game entirely.

Of course you could do PC Dark Souls 1 as well but the game is drastically slowing down player traffic wise. Still, there are enough people around that you'll find a few good matches.

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#12 Posted by deactivated-5acbb9993d0bd (12449 posts) -

rpg pvp is garbage. there is no such thing as good mmo pvp.

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#13 Edited by deactivated-5acbb9993d0bd (12449 posts) -

@glimpee said:

@Reptylus: Haha too bad I said I already like war of the roses... and Idk mobas dont have enough long term progression... and Im not a huge fan of the sky view but I do play them sometimes

"long term progression" is that how you value yourself in pvp =/ Moba's are about skill and teamwork. now how long you grinded other players for pointless armour upgrades that remove the skill element.

Massive ammount of unlocks in both DoTA2 and LoL, no thye are not stat increases, because thats a STUPID idea for pvp games.

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#14 Edited by n00bkid (4163 posts) -

I thought Guild Wars 2 PVP was amazing, a lot of timing is needed. Next best bet is probably elder scrolls when its out.

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Anyone have tried Neverwinter's PvP? The combat mechanics seem to have the potential of some skill involvement.

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#16 Posted by glimpee (25 posts) -

@unknown37: Yeah I love dark souls and literally cannot wait for 2, it's most of my PvP intake right now (and thats what Im talking about with longterm progression but skilled PvP) I just like the progression for a feeling that Im on the same character and I can feel like I wreck some ass with that character and he's looking cooler and doing most stuff because of it, its all about immersion haha

Yeah I've been playing more Gw2 since I started this post... I guess I will just have to wait for ESO, Everquest next, wildstar, otherland, and Dark Souls 2 to come out.... Damn I hate having a list of games to play and none that are currently good

I was just looking to see if there were any mmo's or games I missed, but it looks like everyones saying what I already know ;(

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#17 Posted by Chickan_117 (16327 posts) -

What didn't you like about Guild Wars 2? I found the PvP to be great fun and the WvW was an awesome addition. Gameplay is much more action oriented than many other MMOs as well.

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#18 Posted by glimpee (25 posts) -

@Chickan_117: I've been enjoying it more recently but I've found it gets repetitive and as of right now the PvP is less competetive (I've put a lot of time into it already and am just waiting for it to get boring again haha)

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#19 Posted by Chickan_117 (16327 posts) -

Fair call. I guess they all end up repetetive though right? At least, for me, GW2 broke the mould enough I felt I was playing something new :)

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#21 Edited by glimpee (25 posts) -

@vickyvk86: haha no offense but I consider it garbage haha I played that a while ago... well not garbage but not my type of game haha

For an FPS to draw me in it has to do a lot... im still skeptical on Destiny haha

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#22 Posted by CoquiNegro (171 posts) -

I share you guild wars 2 sentiments. It was my most anticipated game, perhaps of all time. I was heavily disappointed with it. The developers painted a constantly evolving world that changes depending on your actions, what we got was a balance and refined mmo experience, but nothing revolutionary about it. It was still a great game, but my hype level was enormous and it didn't come anywhere near what I expected.

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#23 Posted by glimpee (25 posts) -

@CoquiNegro: Yeah, if I were you I would look out for everquest next, that is planning (and has proven to have) some of the things that Guild Wars 2 planned to have... but it looks a lot more likely

Also Skyrim was a much bigger disappointment to me... It is a great game for someone new to the series but for a long time fan... disappointment ;(

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#24 Posted by ammarcs (25 posts) -

Hi i have the same problem with PvP games i dont need MOBA games all blame and i just want PvP . My Favourite PvP game is Aion (server GamezAion) . Here is more hard than WoW more special skills than every game Graphics are awesome and here u can be more powerfull or infirm than ur opponent if u can tell me other Cool PvP game i will thank u . I think i helped u with thiis cool game Bye :)

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#25 Posted by Boddicker (4376 posts) -

Get into fighting games.

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#27 Posted by Black_Knight_00 (21256 posts) -

Super Mario Kart has the best PvP ever

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#28 Posted by Arthas045 (5788 posts) -

I think SWTOR has great pvp. Also WoW still does it great. Both have gear progression. Also ESO looka to be shaping up quite well.

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#29 Posted by kaidered (25 posts) -

This is a game I have been keeping an eye on but its not due to come out till 2015.

Its a pure pvp mmo

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#30 Posted by IncisionX (200 posts) -

Although you mentioned you're not a fan of Mobas primarily due to the 'Birds eye view' - have you ever checked out Smite?

Highly polished with a fantastic range of gods to pick with skill taking priority over anything, you still have some light RPG elements though of course nothing in the same league as an MMO.

Certainly worth a look since it's free ^^

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#31 Posted by wickedm1nd (25 posts) -

Age of conan rly nice pvp if you ask me, but end of game for free players is just a crap. so u can have fun for some time. and Age of wushu/wulin didnt play a lot but it had nice pvp, u will need to put a lot of time to progres very intresting system totaly diffrent then wow, rift, tera, d&d. its free ofc. and i think u gona love it. and ofc. an upcoming game still in beta wildstar. hope i helped you :)

sry. for bad eng.

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#32 Posted by derrickkhoo92 (25 posts) -

@glimpee: TRY play dragon nest sea.

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#33 Posted by aaron_folkersen (25 posts) -

@glimpee: if you want a truly skill based pvp mmo, try Asheron's Call. its definitely older and its graphics arent that amazing anymore but no other MMO will come close to the pvp in this game.

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#34 Posted by Lord_Kisame (113 posts) -

Is there any MMORPG games on PS4 system?

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#35 Edited by Notorious1234NA (1917 posts) -

Doesn't exist

F2P mmos that have PVP are always unbalanced and p2w. You pay for high end gear risk breaking equipment on enchants unless you cash

PVP in subscription mmos suffer from unbalance due to no equalized gear. PVE aspects always negatively affect PVP so in most cases gear trumps skill.

The only MMO I would reccomended is DCUO as they have a mode called Legends where everyone has fixed stats and arguably the best equalized PVP in any MMO. Plus they host tournaments on occasion big scene over there.

Really though laugh every time see this comment most mmos make money from PVE and shit on PVP. most PVP communities in mmos are not huge and are always complaining about something. Not worth your time and yes TERA is crap considering the time it takes to get top tier PVP gear.

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#36 Edited by Antoonz (25 posts) -

C9 (Continent of the Ninth) has some good PvP, fun PvE but boring instances and for good gear is Pay2Win.

I'm waiting for Skyforge I expect alot from this game

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#37 Posted by Lordmord (7 posts) -

Not to bring up an old topic but I believe any game pvp type less FPS has dissolved from the market. The best game blance with hardcare softcore meaning vs pvp and hardcore being looted for all you gear is and for ever was Dark Ages Of Camelot... (DAOC) Sadly their now owned by a brain dead Dev team and company.... Their has been years on years of Opportunity to create a sequel to this top rated game yet it most likely will never happen. On this same topic a game could come out where you could make your char unique by picking spec and of course adding you own attributes I guarantyas long as it looks good it be bad ass! Why no company can simply do one easy take and fill a void left in the gaming market makes no sense to me....

Uhhhh.... Uhhhh... PvPers done exist so just incase they do we will build a pve game with a crappy choppy pvp game they can play.... But who would want to play that??? Just ranting... but its the truth I swear.

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#38 Posted by Disturbedmaster (34 posts) -

I know you want to play a MMO but i suggest Mount and Blade Warband. Its not MMO but it has the most skill based combat and its 100% skill based. (if you are a pirate you can also get it for free)

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#39 Posted by Archangel3371 (25793 posts) -

Don't bump old threads.

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#41 Posted by ThatsNotMyName (84 posts) -

Blade and Soul has one of best pvps I played at and it has amazing CC to boost.

Warrning though, we are talking about kmmo, therefor if you are sensitive with fanservices and reveling armors and anime looking game then I seriously wouldn't advise it to you. Here is what I meant with game looking too anime:

Lol though don't worry you don't have to be lil' boy/girl(like always am) there are other races to chose from(feel free to see videos about CC or anything in general), but as I said pvp in this game is top notch. I'm no fan of pvps but I make exception for this game. So if you don't mind fanservices(boobs) and anime look then go for this game.

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#42 Posted by Ribstaylor1 (2186 posts) -

I was going to suggest Eve online but no swords in that game.

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#44 Edited by sicynyd (6 posts) -

@glimpee: Have you ever tried monster hunter, It's a fantastic game with tons of armor and weapons progression and real skill is needed. There isn't any pvp although in most games you can hurt other players online but that doesn't help you it does add to the game though. Monster hunter online is out right now which is a MMO on the pc but it is entirely in mandarin so if you have no experience with Monster hunter on the ds or wii then Monster hunter online might not be too easy. The other game I can partially recommend is sky forge it seems like more skill is involved then some other mmo's and a few things are different it is similar to Neverwinter but don't expect to much from it. (Personally my favorite games are Dark souls, Monster hunter , Ark, and hearthstone in that order) Also check out Lords of the Fallen, I think you will find it extremely similar to Dark souls. If you have a ps4 check out bloodborne.

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I second Blade and Soul. The combat is a mind game based around countering and parrying.

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#46 Posted by Archangel3371 (25793 posts) -

Don't bump old threads.

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It's not really an MMO but Dragon's Dogma Online is passable, doesn't have the Player vs Player that you're after but has better combat than any of the games mentioned above.

On that just play Dark Souls 3 if you want competitive multiplayer in an RPG, I don't know a single game that does it better.

*Woops; didn't realise someone's bumping old threads lol.