An Amazing New Call Of Gods Server From Lekool

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Hello Everyone, i have been playing browser games lately and i want you to suggest me games which you like. so we can check fun games over internet and i have been playing a game since a long time. its Call of gods and its just an amazing game and here my opinion about call of god and you can play this game in an amazin site which is lekool. Call of god is based for strategy and you can choose 3 different races which are , Human, Elves and Undeads and you can start building your army and start fighting with your friends and against other online people. Which is fun because you will run your dungeons and you will fight bosses with your friends but also you will be able to challenge them and test your skills and check how strong you are against other online palyers. It has great cross server and Arena battles which you can fight with players in arena and fight with people from other server with Cross server. It also has amazing Alliance System which will bring you more fun as you will have your alliance friends and will fight against other alliances to take cities from them. There are so many equips and equip combinations which will make you test your skills and how to beat other bosses with your formations and also you can check how strong you are while you are fighting against other online people. And lekool has many events which brings you in-game prizes and you will enjoy with lekool family and with their every week events and you will forget how time passing while you are playing this amazing game. Game Link: Facebook Fanpage Link: Video Link: