Amazon Has Officially Purchased Twitch

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So Google isn't the only one that had its eyes on the popular video streaming site. Amazon was also looking to do the same. However, it looks like Amazon was the one to make the final decision, with the buyout costing $970 million.

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do you guys think it will affect their deal with sony/xbox?

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Always amazes me how much companies are willing to pay for websites and/or software, things that are not real, tangible things.

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@Wickerman777: Excuse me? How is a website not real? You can see it, interact with it, change it and make it into something else. Just because you can't actually touch it with your bare hands doesn't mean it isn't something real.

And besides, there's money in software buyouts. It's been that way since the advent of the internet itself. So why not?

@dhmatt90 I don't think it will affect their deal. I think it just means that Sony/Microsoft will have to make their deals with Twitch through Amazon from now on.