Am I the only one who tries to complete every main and side quest within a three day cycle before the final showdown?

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The goal is to make everyone happy before leaving forever. If you've seen Groundhog Day, think of the last day where he makes everyone happy.

  1. Complete all of the Bombers' Notebook sidequests. (I know this is technically impossible. You can't stop Sakon from stealing the bomb bag AND finish the whole Kafei/Anju quest. For this challenge I'll just not help the old lady and instead do the Kafei/Anju quest)

  2. Complete all the pre/post-dungeon quests. This includes: saving Koume and the monkey; snoozing the baby Goron and winning the Goron race; retrieving all the Zora eggs and bringing Lulu's voice back; and healing Pamela's father and defeating the king of Ikana Castle (the tedious Gibdo quest under the well is unnecessary)

  3. Defeating the dungeon bosses again—the quick and easy way, no need to re-traverse the dungeons.

I just think it's a fun challenge

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@Litchie: They're talking about Zelda: Majora's Mask - a game with an in-game clock set on a three day loop before the end of the world. They could have mentioned that somewhere in the title.

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To be honest, it depends on the type of game. An example for me is Fallout 3; before the update, you could no longer play that save file after you beat the game. Obviously, this led to a lot of controversies and the developers released an update to allow you to continue to play afterward, but the damage was still done. Now, any time I play a Fallout or Elder Scrolls game I play through everything I can just in case I experience another game like this. I also did the same thing with the Mass Effect series. I would save a separate file in case I got too far into the game and couldn't go back. To go back to your original question, no...I do not spend three days in a row trying to do everything. When I play games like the before mentioned, it takes me a month or two to play. I immerse myself into the story rather than try to reach an end goal of beating the game and moving on. There is more value to that.